A guide to writing for beginners

With many businesses making the move to operating online, high-quality content is now more in demand than ever. From product descriptions for e-commerce platforms, to informative blogs and web copy, thriving companies don’t always have the time or expertise to write their own material. This has driven the need for a continuous stream of professionally written content opening up fresh opportunities for those seeking to write for a living.

Whether you’re looking for writing jobs to start a new career or are simply keen to earn money from home, read on for some useful points to get you started on the right track.

What level of education will you need?

You won’t always need any formal qualifications to write content, but English must be your first language. In order to communicate clearly with words, you’ll need a strong understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation. You’ll also need to be able to comprehend briefs so that you can write the kind of content required.

Reliability matters

As a freelancer, you’ll be writing from home, but you’ll have to be a self-starter. Clients will often require content to be released according to a strict schedule. This means that writing assignments have rigid deadlines that you’ll need to keep to. Just like every other career, to earn a reputation for professionalism as a content writer, you must be dependable.

Be original

With a wealth of information constantly being posted online, it is a given that the topics you write about may already have been covered. However, it is your responsibility as a writer to ensure that along with engaging, the copy you submit must be original.

Stealing another writer’s intellectual property is considered plagiarism, while duplicate content can cause client websites to be penalised by search engines, harming their marketing strategies. For this reason, all articles submitted by freelance writers are checked through software called Copyscape to ensure they are always 100% original.

To avoid articles being rejected, research your topics thoroughly and then reframe information using your own words and writing style to create entirely new content.

Keep learning

Writing online content is an organic process that can see you develop your skills from being absolute beginner to becoming a professional writer. If the idea of gaining fresh insights, learning about new subjects, and constantly improving your writing skills appeals to you, then you could be taking the first steps on your path to a rewarding career.

Are you ready to earn money writing from home?

Reliable and quality writers will always be welcomed by Words of Worth. Whether you are already operating as an established freelancer or are an absolute novice with a good command of the English language who can meet deadlines, why not consider writing with us?

Along with being reliable and possessing excellent English, you’ll also need online access and the ability to research and write original copy. If this sounds like you, apply to write with us today and we will be in touch.

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