A guide to writing for beginners

Today, many writer’s jobs in Australia allow people to generate income on a freelance basis from home. A flexible way to make an income, writing jobs are ideal for people seeking an additional revenue stream as well as those who want a career opportunity that provides them with a monthly salary.

The concept of working remotely and writing content can be attractive for many people. Deciding when and where you work while exercising your writing abilities and creativity can be both satisfying and rewarding. However, it can be hard to know how to start.

In this blog, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide to writing, giving you a flavour of what such a role involves and some practical details that will help you launch your brand-new career.

Do you have a formal English language qualification?

Many people mistakenly believe they will need an English degree or must complete a writing course to earn money creating content. However, this is far from the truth. You won’t need to have a masters in English or have a certificate stating your skills. Many writers penning online content have no formal qualification. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t need certain technical abilities to find work.

To access work writing from home, you will need a solid command of the English language. This means that your spelling, grammar, and punctuation should be spot on. You will also need comprehension skills that enable you to be able a brief and understand what it is asking from you. These same abilities are required to conduct research online when you need to fill in gaps in your knowledge when a subject you are charged with writing about is unfamiliar.

In terms of execution, you must also understand the basics of structuring content. In its simplest form, this usually involves an introductory and closing paragraph with well organised information in between that shepherds the reader from start to finish.

However, there is nothing wrong with brushing up on your English skills with a short course before applying if it will make you feel more confident. Additionally, you’ll find there are an abundance of free apps online that will help you check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Have you worked as a writer before?

The second myth which deters many would be writers is that experience as a professional writer is essential to secure employment creating online content. You won’t need references or years of writing roles on your CV proving your writing skills to take on freelance work.

However, before you can access work those hiring will need to assess your skill level to see if you’re ready to take on briefs. You will typically be given a sample brief to complete within a specific time frame. You’ll have to read through the brief and create content which matches its requirement and turn it in to the deadline set. From this submission, editors can assess you technical writing abilities, but also whether you can be relied upon to follow a brief and finish work on time.

If your application is successful, you will find working as a writer provides excellent experience. Different types of content will provide you with unique challenges which can expand your skillset. Additionally, editors will offer you advice and insight on ways to improve your writing, which will help you hone your craft.

Can you write original content?

An important skill for writers is the ability to create fresh content. Search engines penalise companies that pump out duplicate copy, so businesses are always looking for original writing. Writers who attempt to simply copy the work of others online will find their work rejected. Editors use software and applications which can search the internet for matches and determine if content is copied or one-of-a-kind.

Many topics are written about constantly, which can make it seem difficult to create a piece which is utterly unique. However, if you research a subject thoroughly and understand it before creating content, you can then use your own words and perspective to write original work.

Are you a self-starter?

Many people with a nine-to-five job feel more comfortable with a set structure and a manager telling them when to start and stop work and keeping on top of them with reminders to complete their work.

As freelance writer, you will work independently and must schedule your own day. You’ll be responsible for your own workload and must have the self-discipline to carry out work on your own volition. Being your own manager is empowering and offers more room for personal growth.

However, when you write professionally, you’ll never be entirely alone. Your editing team will be on-hand to supply support if you get stuck and answer questions when you’re unsure about an area of your brief or you’d like a second opinion on an idea you have.

This support works both ways, however. The process of content creation involves a chain of professional people with different skills who perform specific roles. As a writer, you must complete your work in good time to meet deadlines so that your editors have enough time to carry out their role, before passing it on to the technical staff who upload work. Understanding that while you’re a freelancer you’re still part of a team is important, but by keeping on schedule with your work and treating your fellow collaborators with respect you can’t go wrong.

Do you have the environment and equipment to write?

Working from home can present substantial challenges. While writing in a place that feels familiar can be more comfortable, it can also be distracting. For example, when you work from an office you won’t have the temptation of watching TV, taking a nap, chatting to friends and family, or making another snack. As a result, you’ll need to establish an area of your home where you can write without distractions.

You’ll also need a device which you can create content on. This might be a desktop, a laptop, or an iPad, but whatever your favoured option is, it must be able to run word processing software and be comfortable to work on. Applications like Microsoft Word are available at affordable rates on monthly subscriptions and are ideal for creating content as they include useful tools like spellchecks, thesauruses and dictionaries.

A dependable internet connection is another pre-requisite. Companies hiring writers interact with them via online content management platforms. Here, you’ll be offered briefs and receive message from editors. You’ll also be able to ask them questions here and submit your articles when complete. You’ll also need the internet to carry out research for your work. Years ago, you would need to have visited libraries or interviewed people to find information for your content, but online search engines have streamlined the process, making it swift and stress-free.

Many other useful resources can be found online, as mentioned earlier. You’ll find apps which can check your writing and help you improve your work. Free-to-access solutions like Grammarly can help you spot simple mistakes in your articles and aid you in proof reading pieces you create before you submit them.

How can you earn money as a writer?

Freelance writing jobs pay competitive rates. Writers are paid by the word for the work they submit on time, and money is paid directly into their bank account on time. Obviously, the more work you take on and complete each month, the higher your income will be. It’s important to remember never to favour quantity over quality. Writers who start to submit inferior work will find the number of opportunities will start to decrease.

To get paid, writers must ensure their work always answers the brief set, is original and is completed on time by the date requested. Providing that you can produce high-quality content to deadlines and keep improving your skills you will be able to increase your earning power over time.

Are you ready to make money from home in Australia?

At Words of Worth Australia, we are always looking for new talented writers to work with. If you are committed to becoming a better writer and have sound English skills, we have a diverse array of content writing jobs available. You’ll get a chance to write weekly and monthly blogs for businesses which might be news or non-news and web copy for their sites like services, home, about us, contact and locational landing pages, among others. You’ll also get to test your abilities writing feature articles, press releases and product descriptions extolling the virtues of different items for target audiences.

Our expert editors will provide you with feedback on your work. While often complimentary and encouraging, feedback can also include constructive comments that help you improve your work. As a result, while you’re earning, you’ll also be learning and becoming a better writer.

If you would like to start your career as a paid online content writer, we can help. Reach out to Words of Worth Australia today and apply to write with us.

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