Are you writing engaging copy?

Would you like to improve how you write and earn more for the words you supply? While hard work is essential in any profession, the fastest path to becoming a professional copywriter is to keep writing better articles than those you submitted before. Read on as we count down six tips to enhance your writing.

Writing effective titles

Titles must grab your audience’s attention while not giving away the whole story. If a reader can get all their answers from the title, why would they read your article? Keep your titles short and avoid using too many smaller words like “a” and “the” where possible. Remember that the content that follows your titles must relate to them, or you’ll risk reader disappointment.

Break up content

When writing longer articles, use sub-headings to improve the layout of your content and avoid reader fatigue.

Never overstuff keywords

Keywords are important, but overuse can make articles difficult to read and destroy their flow. Use “stop words” (small words like “in” and “near”) to make keyword insertion less obvious when possible. Placement is also important – add your keywords carefully in the first and last paragraphs of your content for impact.

Ask questions

Titles and subheadings that ask questions can make a reader feel that they are involved in a conversation. This can be a useful element when you want a reader to engage with your article. They can also help your article be found by search engines, since people often search in question format.

Research and be original

If you are writing about a subject that is new to you, you must perform research. Read up on your topic from one or more sources and ensure they are reliable. Try and find information that is less commonly known as this is always more interesting to readers who are often looking to learn something new.

When you have a good grounding in your subject, you’ll be able to write about it more easily in your own words. Not only does this make for far more personalised and unique articles, but it also ensures that your work will pass any plagiarism checks.

Always proof your work

It doesn’t matter how intriguing the article you have submitted is, if it is full of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, no one will be able to appreciate it. You will find that writing software and applications can be useful for highlighting any simple mistakes. However, always take the time to read through your work and check for errors before you submit it, or better still, ask someone else to and benefit from a fresh pair of eyes.

If your editor sends you feedback or corrections, always take these on board and use their points to improve the standard of your writing.

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  • Paul Herring


    Having written newsletters for 20 years+ I hope to continue writing similarly or other sales-oriented copy until I die!

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