Bulletin – a helping hand to writers from Facebook?

You’d be forgiven for feeling like writing online can be a bit like throwing content into a void. With the internet being such a vast and ever-expanding pool of content, coupled with the fact that users don’t expect to have to pay for it, it can be tricky to find those corners of it that allow you to make money from your writing.

Some help from the bigwigs of the internet would always be welcome, and for a moment in June, we got our hopes up when Facebook announced the launch of Bulletin. Reminiscent of YouTube in that it allows people to subscribe to content creators’ channels and even pay for access to exclusive material, could this be the leg-up writers are looking for?

Sadly, it seems a bit of a closed shop. Facebook seemingly chose its Bulletin creators without prior announcement, and now says it is not looking for further applications at present.

Maybe it will reopen applications some time in the future, but in the meantime, one way you can make money from writing on the web is to apply with us. We’re looking for writers from Australia and New Zealand for a potential start before the end of this month.

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