Four easy ways to make money writing online in 2023

Online, you can find writing jobs where you can earn money from home, elevating what for many is a rewarding hobby into an opportunity to make money.

Provided that you have access to the internet, all kinds of options available where you can make a living from writing. For some types of writing jobs, you may require software that allows you to type up your work, but for other you can make money simply by answering questions.

You might be seeking to bump up your monthly earnings with some extra work or looking to launch a brand new career, but either way, there are many simple ways you can turn writing from home into a realistic revenue stream.

Today, we’ll detail just some of the writing work that can help you make money available online in 2023.

1. Online surveys

Taking seconds or minutes to complete, online surveys are perhaps the easiest way to write and get paid online. While some surveys want simple answers, more in-depth studies may require greater detail.

Today, surveys are deployed by companies to gain an overview of their image and a full understanding of how their products and services will be reviewed. Firms pay consumers to complete surveys to access fresh insight, but also to obtain statistics that help them make informed decisions regarding business plans and product lines.

In return for this valuable information, businesses pay people for their time and opinion. As companies seek to target a specific section of society, it can take a little effort to find a survey applicable to your age, profession, or education history. Additionally, filling in surveys has perhaps the lowest pay rate of all online writing options. However, if you can complete them quickly, they generally don’t require much brain power and will add up over time, so you can answer questions while relaxing with some TV or music.

2. Micro writing jobs

Short writing jobs can be picked up on freelance writing markets online. While some work is auctioned off to the lowest price offered, others work by submitting your qualifications, credentials and a sample of your work. If you speak a second language, you will find translation work available, and those with good English and editing skills will find professional proofreading jobs also available.

Micro jobs may also cover small articles like one-off blogs written from rough copy, or rewrites of existing product descriptions which need updating. While taking on micro jobs is not always steady work, it can help you build confidence in your writing skills and get both practice and experience while making money. Their popularity stems from how quickly they can help writers make money. As assignments are brief and can be turned around relatively quickly, it means the payment process is also swift.

3. Writing a niche blog

Many writers with a passion for particular subject author regular blogs online. Covering a niche subject that is close to their heart, they provide regular content covering news, insights, opinions, and history. Over time, if the site becomes popular, it can grow a considerable audience and at this juncture, it can begin to earn money.

If your niche blog is enjoying serious traffic, you have a potential customer base that companies who deliver products or services related to its subject can advertise to. As a result, you can rent out all the advertising space around your weekly or monthly articles and enterprises will pay to use your blog as a billboard.

This might include static adverts, animated banners or even video commercials. You can also make agreements with companies to promote their goods and services in return for either a flat fee or a percentage. You include links to their websites in your blog and if a customer finds them via your blog and buys a product, you receive a commission on the sale.

4. Content writing

The most rewarding way to start writing online, however, is to work as a freelance copywriter via a writing agency. You don’t need to have a CV packed with writing jobs or a recognised qualification to work, but you will need excellent English skills and a solid work ethic. A diverse array of writing jobs is available, from creating website copy for landing, home and about us pages, to penning product descriptions and covering local news and events.

Writers are usually paid per word for every article they complete, and any money due is issued monthly, just like a salaried job. If you can deliver work to deadlines to a high standard, you will find that you can generate a regular income while launching a brand new career.

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