How to make money as a freelancer in Australia

While many people crave the familiarity of the same workplace and the security of a regular salary, others seek a less confined way of working. Freelancing involves seeing yourself as a business and offering your unique abilities to others in return for payment. While freelancing doesn’t provide you with a pension or holiday pay, it allows you to work as much or as little as you like during the hours that suit you best.

Many people with existing commitments take on freelance work. In some cases, this work might be a side-hustle to increase their earning potential, while for others it is a steady stream of projects and assignments as part of a greater career goal.

Freelancing is a great way to gain experience in a new profession, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get paid for your efforts. In this blog, we’ll look at how to get started making money as a freelancer here in Australia.

Offer your specialist skill

It goes without saying that the best freelance option for a person is usually based on their strengths, skills and education. If you have studied or worked as an accountant, you can freelance as a bookkeeper or financial consultant. Meanwhile, if you have a degree or talent for art and design, you can tackle a wide range of work offered both in house and online. Temporary assignments for those with graphic or animation skills are offered as are one-off projects for illustrators.

Freelance writing work is available for those who speak another language fluently, translating documents and texts but also in the form of proofreading for skilled editors.

Many freelancers are able to set their own rate of pay. You can research the going daily or hourly rate for your specific trade online and undercut the competition if you want to increase the work you receive. You can always push up your price once you gain a solid reputation and develop a solid client base.

Of course, not everyone has qualifications and experience they can apply to freelancing, but fortunately, there are options available where you can learn while you earn.

Make money writing content from home

Writing is a skill that many of us possess, but seldom use. However, it can easily be harnessed to make a freelance income providing that you are a committed writer with a good command of the English language. In today’s digital world, there is a never-ending need for fresh content. Search engines favour websites that keep their content up to date and the blogs they post current and relevant. As a result, a diverse range of freelance copywriting jobs is available for dedicated writers who can create quality content that is well researched and delivered to deadlines.

Ecommerce sites are also constantly adding new products or improving their online descriptions to entice sellers. This often involves thousands of items, creating an abundance of freelance work for writers who can produce crisp copy to meet limited word counts.

You will not require a formal English qualification to become a freelance content writer, or have an employment history working for newspapers or publishing houses. However, you must have a strong grasp of English language with your spelling, grammar, and punctuation on point. You will also need the ability to create completely original material. With every topic under the sun covered online, it remains perfectly possible to produce original and unique content. The secret is undertaking solid research online and, once you known your subject, you can easily write about it in words of your own.

Working freelance online, you can make money writing from home once you are accepted. You will be offered briefs to write and you will be paid in a timely fashion for each one you submit, typically by the word. Your work will be reviewed by editors who will offer you feedback and encouragement. The best way to improve the quality of your writing, and how much your earning potential is, to always take on board any points from the editor.

To get started, you will also need some basic equipment. This includes a PC, laptop, or tablet you can load writing software on to complete your work, and a dependable internet connection so you can submit your briefs on time.

Apply to take on writing jobs today

If becoming a freelance content writer sounds like it would suit you perfectly, we want to hear from you. At Words of Worth Australia, we can help, providing that you’ve got great English skills and are dedicated to delivering high-quality work, while also staying on track with your assignments. Get in touch with us today and apply to write with us. It might be the first step towards your new career as a freelance writer.

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