How to Make Money Writing Online and Actually Succeed

Would you like to earn money writing from home in Australia?

The idea might seem like a dream for many, but in reality, there are lots of people who are able to support themselves entirely as online writers.

With more companies than ever based online, and more people shopping, researching, reading and interacting via the web, there has never been a greater demand for fresh and original content. For this reason, there are no shortage of jobs for freelance writers.

To successfully make money online requires technical equipment, a strong work ethic and a commitment to keep improving. In this in-depth blog, we’ll explore how to become a thriving writer in Australia earning money online.

What do you need to write online for money?

Looking at the basics first, you will need some technical tools to succeed as an online writer.

A device to write on is essential, with most writers opting for a desktop or laptop that can run word processing software. Reliable internet access is also vital so you can accept work, research topics, communicate with editors and submit your finished article. You’ll also need a comfortable place in your home where you can work free from distraction.

Practical needs aside, you’ll also need to be able to manage your own time and work under your own volition. Your editors will offer strong support when you need it, but you’ll be expected to have the maturity to keep on track and complete you work on time.

Understanding how online writing is paid

Most online writing jobs pay by the word, but the rates of pay can differ. The best companies to work for are those that periodically review the payments they issue, to keep them in line with inflation and industry rates.

Certain factors can impact how much you are paid for the words you write. In some cases where specialist or technical knowledge is required, pay rates might be slightly higher, while rewriting existing content that needs rewording for SEO purposes may pay a little less.

Providing that work is completed on time and meets deadlines, you’ll get paid in full directly into your bank account on an agreed date. However, if you fail to finish work on time, it can result in you not receiving a payment.

As a writer, typically you are just one part of a team that involves editors, technical staff and clients who require regular writing. Any delay you cause impacts the workflow of others and, ultimately, effects the client, who is paying for the work to arrive in a timely fashion to meet their schedule. As a result, to ensure the process is fluid and you get paid properly and on time, you must be able to work within your deadlines.

Volume vs quality

Understandably, when you get paid by the word, volume is important. Put simply, the more words you can write each day, the more you can earn. As a result, it’s important to build up writing stamina. Don’t expect to become a writing workhorse overnight, but slowly increase your output to find the optimum amount of work you can manage. This can involve trial and error, and you might find sometimes you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, thus needing to reduce the number of writing jobs you take on each day.

Quantity is nothing without quality. It is vital that you ensure that whatever your level of output is, that it meets a certain standard. If you repeatedly produce poor work because you are rushing to write as many articles as possible in a day, you’ll soon find that the number of jobs you are offered declines. To earn money writing from home online and succeed, you must build a professional reputation. Delivering work to deadlines is key, but so is producing quality work.

What does successful online writing consist of?

To achieve an income writing online, you will need to produce quality work, but what does this mean? Below, we’ll explore the level of quality required to write online, and how to achieve it.

Read and stick to your brief

For every assignment you’re offered, you’ll be given a brief outlining what is required.

It is imperative that you read this information carefully, as it contains key details that will help you create an effective article. For instance, it will tell you how many words you must write, when the work is due, and may include a topic, title, or suggested content to include.

If any keywords or a client mention need to be added, the brief will list these too. Sometimes, a brief will give you even more useful information. For instance, it might tell you who the intended audience of the article is, and the tone of voice required.

Sound English language skills

While following the brief is the first step to writing successfully for money, it isn’t the only one.

You don’t need a degree to write for money online or professional experience, but you will need good English language skills. Quality work has excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Obviously, accidents can always occur, but always proofread your work before you submit an article. You’ll find that word processing software and many free writing applications online will highlight simple mistakes for you, so you can fix them before uploading your finished piece.

Make sure your writing is original

Originality is another critical element of writing online content for money. Clients pay for unique pieces of writing, because search engines like Google penalise websites that feature duplicate copy on their webpages or weekly blogs. However, they can get into even more trouble if it turns out that the content they are publishing as their own was simply copied verbatim from an existing source.

When you write online for money, you work will be scanned by an in-house copy check software, so if you attempt to submit someone else’s writing from the web, it will be rejected.

It’s understandable that, with so many topics written about online, it can sometimes be difficult to write an entirely unique piece, but it is achievable. The best practice is to research your subject before you write, so you feel more comfortable penning the piece in your own words.

Engaging, accurate, informative, and accessible

Today, there is a massive demand for high-quality content and as a result, for those who can write it.

To be successful and make money writing requires writing that answers the demands of users reading online, and the search engines that rank the quality of content. Ensure you use reputable and up-to-date sources for the articles you write, to ensure the information you use is accurate. Try and find something new about your topic that is not usually covered, and provide as much detail as you can.

Unless you’re writing a technical or niche piece, always attempt to make your writing accessible to as many users as possible. To achieve this, use easy to understand language and avoid jargon, explaining complex topics in simpler terms.

However, it’s not only the words a writer chooses that makes their work engaging and accessible. How you structure information is also important.

Always include an introductory and closing paragraph, even if this only amount to a couple of sentences. Try and keep your sentences and paragraphs short and to the point. When you write longer articles, you’ll find breaking them down with strong subheadings that command attention can help make them easier to read. Bulleted lists are another option you can employ.

Keep on improving

One of the easiest ways to become successful as an online copywriter is to keep building on your skills.

There are a vast number of resources available today that can help you hone your skills, ready for you to take advantage of. Check your local area for writing groups that meet up regularly, and connect with your peers.

You’ll also find courses in writing offered, including online tuition and physical classes at education hubs in your area. Short courses and workshops can be helpful to zero in on specific areas you struggle with, whether you need a refresher on grammar, or want to learn more about writing SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly content.

As mentioned, there are apps online that can also help you check your work and learn from you mistakes. Reading other writer’s work is also an excellent and rewarding resource. Analyse their articles and see if you can incorporate their techniques in your own work, or spot mistakes.
Perhaps the best way of getting better at your chosen trade, however, is just to dive into professional writing and pick up new skills and knowledge with each assignment you accept.

Would you like to earn money writing online in Australia?

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