How to write content that’s SEO friendly

Today’s search engines crawl the web for content and prioritise websites and blogs based on specific criteria, while penalising others that fail to meet certain standards. As a result, clients seeking content will always want the material they commission to be as search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly as possible.

If you’re taking on writing jobs, read on for some useful tips on how to optimise your articles and avoid some common pitfalls when putting online content together.

Ensure your copy matches your title

Content that doesn’t relate to its subject title is penalised by search engines. For example, if your title involves a question, you must answer it. One approach is to offer a simple and brief answer first and then use your article for a more in-depth look at the topic.

Understanding keywords

Keywords are an essential element of SEO. Based on the likely words people will search for on a topic, keywords are researched and identified. These words are typically featured in titles, subheadings and the first and last paragraph of content. However, writers must avoid adding too many keywords to articles or risk penalties from search engines. This is commonly referred to as overstuffing.

Using hyperlinks

Adding links to articles can also help their SEO performance. HTML hyperlinks can be included that take readers to useful information and other content within a website.

Structure your content

It is recommended that you break up your content to make it easier for readers to digest. Use paragraphs and subheadings and keep your sentences concise and to the point.

Always be original

Finally, never directly copy existing content to produce content. When search engines detect the use of duplicate content on the web, they will automatically lower a site’s ranking, making them less visible to potential customers in need of their products and services.

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