The pros and cons of freelance writing

When tackling writing jobs as a freelancer in Australia, you’ll be your own boss and enjoy the freedom to work flexibly from any place in the world.

While this might sound like the ideal career for many, some people are better suited than others to being a freelance writer. There are tangible perks to writing from home for money, but it’s always important to understand the possible disadvantages as well.

For example, to earn money from home as a successful freelancer, you’ll need to be self-motivated and have self-discipline.

In this blog, we’ll put freelance writing under the microscope and examine the pros and cons for those considering tackling writing jobs as their new professional role.

Read on to find out if freelance writing in Australia is the perfect option for you.

Flexible working

Among the notable benefits of being a freelancer is its flexibility, both in terms of work schedule and workplace.

Freelance writers are not saddled with a conventional 9-to-5 office, and can choose their own hours for work at a time that’s most convenient for their lifestyle.

This aspect can be especially appealing to writers with other commitments, like a part-time job, studies, younger or older family members to care for, or just personal interests they wish to allocate time to.

Furthermore, if you have the right tools for the job, freelance writing can be carried out from anywhere you can connect to the internet. This means you can work at home, from a hotel when you travel or in your local cafe. This level of flexibility is a significant selling point for people, and makes writing as a freelancer an attractive option.

Pick your projects

Unlike an in-house writer, freelancers enjoy the advantage of choosing their assignments. Freelance writers will typically be offered briefs, and have the choice of accepting or declining them.

Essentially, freelance writers have the power to select what they write about, but also who they write for. For many, this level of control can be highly rewarding, as it enables writers like you to pursue their personal interests and passions, and work on writing projects they care about.

You might be an expert on a specific topic, or just enjoy writing for a niche subject, but either way, freelance writing can give you freedom to pick projects that are aligned with your personal strengths or interests.

The benefits of this include a greater sense of fulfilment and work satisfaction, and a stronger writing portfolio you can showcase to new clients.

Earning opportunities

A large draw of freelance writing is the potential for greater financial returns.

Experienced writers are not limited by the salary caps found in a traditional office setting, and freelance writers can work as little or as much as they wish to help them reach their financial goals.

How much writers earn will depend on certain factors. These include writing experience, level of expertise on a specific topic and how complex the writing jobs are.

However, with hard work and dedication, it is possible to create a lucrative career as a freelance writer. The potential for higher earnings is a key motivator for writers considering a new career as a freelancer.

Learn about new topics

When you’re working as a freelancer, you might not always find jobs involving subjects you have extensive knowledge of.

As a result, research is required to give you a grounding in your topic before you can write your articles. If you are a person who is fascinated by learning about a wide range of subjects, this can make freelance writing a particularly rewarding career path.

Research is rarely wasted. You’ll often find that the knowledge you gain studying a specific topic will often come in helpful later when the same subject arises. The difference is that you can write more quickly, as you already have a foundation in the field you are writing for.

Once you have written on a topic for some time, you’ll have more experience and can write with authority. You may also be able to charge more for your work.

Tackling writing challenges

If you are the kind of writer who loves a challenge, freelance writing can be exciting.

Today, a vast number of online writing jobs are available driven by a great demand for fresh content. As a freelancer, you’ll get a chance to tackle different types of writing jobs and learn how to craft the content that each requires.

For example, you might learn how to write attractive advertising copy for product descriptions, or pen interesting blogs that provide helpful information to those scouring the internet for assistance.

Press releases, web pages and locational landing pages all require different styles of writing, and you’ll get a chance to master them all.

Freelance writers are required to create work to a brief, and each one presents its own unique challenge. There might be specific keywords to insert and specific points to make at different stages of an article, or a particular tone of voice required. You might be asked to write for a specially selected audience, or produce a catchy call to action that encourages readers to contact the company to make a purchase.

Improving your writing skills

While there are an abundance of courses, classes, workshops and online resources available to help you hone your craft, nothing beats working as a freelance writer.

Expert editors can give advice and encouragement, and highlight errors in your work to help you constantly improve. Working as a freelancer can fast track your writing skills, as your role demands that you constantly strive to be better.

Every time you take on a job, you’ll have another chance to learn and improve your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, punctuation and personal writing style. You’ll also accrue experience with every article you write, building your professional reputation.

Personal growth

A final benefit of becoming a freelance writer is the scope for personal growth.

Being your own boss and manging your workload while turning in high quality pieces on time is character building. It can encourage you to apply the same level of discipline and dedication to other parts of your daily life, enriching your existence in a way that is difficult when you’re struggling with the nine-to-five grind.

Self-motivation and self-discipline

Two of the core qualities of successful freelancers are self-motivation and self-discipline, and if you lack these traits, working for yourself can be challenging.

Without a manager to hold you accountable, it can be easy to procrastinate and get sidetracked. Freelance writers must stay motivated and focused, even when there’s no one to reprimand them.

Freelancers must be able to organise and prioritise their workload and set themselves achievable goals. When necessary, they must be able to perform their work even when they are not in the mood for writing.

Freelance writers must maintain a strong and healthy work ethic on top of a positive mental attitude. Staying optimistic is essential, even when your face criticism or rejection from clients.

While needing to have self-motivation and self-discipline may seem like a disadvantage of freelance writing, if you can master them, they can be the cornerstones of a more fulfilling work life.

Job security

Although there are many advantages to freelance writing, the lack of job security involved isn’t easy for every writer to get used to.

Unlike conventional employment, freelancers don’t enjoy a steady paycheque each month, or the security and benefits of a long-term contract.

Some people find this shift difficult to adjust to, especially if they’ve become used to a traditional job and the stability it offers. As a freelancer, you must be proactive about finding new projects and work, and prepare for the possibility of fluctuations in your monthly income.

Furthermore, you’ll need to cope with the uncertainty of not always knowing just how much work you might have available.

Although the lack of security can be seen as a challenge, it presents an opportunity to take total control of your career and construct a successful freelance business. Unlike traditional roles that will eventually request that you retire, there is no limit in terms of age. As a result, you can keep earning an income as a freelancer for as long as you wish.

Isolation and pressure

Working as a freelancer is not always suited to every personality type, and some people experience feeling of isolation.

Without the steady support and social interaction of a traditional work environment, some people find they can become disconnected working alone for long periods of time. While introverts often thrive as freelance writers, extroverts can struggle to cope in a role earning money from home on their own.

Furthermore, the many pressures of freelancing like meeting deadlines, being unable to take a holiday and finding work can also be stressful.

To avoid issues of isolation and burnout, it can be important to take time to connect with other writers and for self-care. It’s also wise to draw firm boundaries between your work and your personal life.

Scheduling regular breaks is a key part of creating a healthy work-life balance, as is taking days off to decompress.

Would you like to grow your freelance writing career?

If, after reading the pros and cons of freelance writing, you feel like you’re up to the challenge, we can help.

You don’t need a degree or experience to work with us, but you will need strong English skills and the dedication to turn in high-quality writing to meet deadlines.

You’ll also need to be equipped with a device you can write on, and a reliable internet connection so you can accept and submit work.

If your application is successful, we can offer you a wide range of assignments, from blogs and web copy to locational landing pages and product descriptions. Our editing team will be on-hand to answer your questions, and will offer constructive feedback to help you keep improving.

Writing freelance isn’t for everyone, but if you have a passion for writing and are committed to your craft, we would love to hear from you and play a part in your career.

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