Tips for writing engaging content

From blogs and features to press releases and product descriptions, companies across Australia are seeking online content. Whether you are a professional writer or just starting out, it is vital that you keep improving the material you produce.

One area that requires attention is how engaging your articles are. If you can hold the attention of readers online, you can grow your reputation and become a sought-after writer.

Writing engaging content takes practice and effort, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Read on for some useful tips you can try in the work you accept.

Read your brief

It might seem simple, but reading your brief carefully is a great place to start. Here, you’ll find who the intended audience for your article is, allowing you to tailor your content correctly. When you write, you can select information to include that will interest them. Briefs also tell you the best tone of voice to use, so you can write in a style your readers will be receptive to.

Carry out research

Whether you have prior knowledge of a topic or not, researching an article is exceptionally beneficial. Once you hold a solid understanding of a subject, you’ll find it easier to write confidently about it. Being able to express information clearly in a concise manner can create far more engaging content than woolly wording.

Stay discerning

When writing an article, ask yourself what content you should include. While you must answer the brief and any specific requirements, try and select the most interesting information on a subject for your article. It’s understood that it can be tricky to remain original with so much content being created, but by finding lesser-known facts, you’ll produce unique and interesting content.

Break it up

Finally, it’s important to recognise how people read. Use subheadings, paragraphs and shorter sentences to make your writing easier to digest. Always include an introduction and summary when possible, since a solid structure can also help keep your readership engaged.

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