Tips for writing your trial article for Words of Worth

Part of the application process when becoming a freelance copywriter involves writing a test or trial article for companies, and Words of Worth is no different. As copy produced serves the needs of paying clients it is essential that all writers are first tested to ensure they are ready to deliver work to a professional standard, before taking on briefs.

In this blog, we’ll list some useful tips for writers when they apply to become a writer and tackle their first trial article.

Read your brief fully

Never skim you brief, but instead read it properly and ensure you fully understand what it requests of you. If it asks you to write or rewrite a piece on a particular topic, you must adhere to this and add any key words require while writing specifically for the target audience.

Understanding your topic is also key. Read around the subject you need to write about to ensure you are able to write comfortably and with authority.

Ensure your work is original

Any article you supply must be entirely your own work. While the content you create may be inspired by another writer’s piece, directly copying another person’s work will result in a rejection. Today, powerful tools are used by copywriting agencies to ensure originality and any attempts to plagiarise can easily be detected.

Proof your own work

Before you submit your article, always proofread it for any spelling or grammatical errors. You might find that reading your content out loud can help you ensure it makes good sense and has adequate punctuation.

Submit your article on time

At the risk of stating the obvious, if you are given a specific deadline to submit your trial article by, make certain you meet it. As well as your ability to research and write with confidence, whether you can be counted on to deliver on your promises is also an important factor.

Are you looking to earn money from home?

High-quality writers are considered a welcome asset here at Words of Worth. Whether you have experience working as a freelance copy writer or are embarking on a brand new career, as long as you have strong English language skills, determination and dependability, you should submit a trial article to us at Words of Worth. If this sounds like you, why not apply to write for us today?

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