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Freelance writing in Australia is becoming an increasingly popular way to make a full-time wage or gain extra income as a side-gig. Many people mistakenly believe that to write freelance, they require a degree in English or a CV packed with writing experience. However, options are available for those who simply possess solid skills and have a desire to keep getting better at writing.

In this blog, we’ll look at what’s involved in freelance writing in Australia, exploring the work available and the whole process from start to finish. Read on to see if a career as a freelance copywriter is ideal for you.

What kind of freelance writing is available in Australia?

With most modern companies maintaining an online presence these days, there is a huge demand for content. From company websites to business blogs and ecommerce platforms, enterprises are constantly on the lookout for individuals who can write engaging original copy. Search engines insists that organisations refresh their content to keep it valid and valuable or face the consequences, creating a continuous stream of work for writers.

As a freelance writer, you might create weekly or monthly blogs for companies looking to promote the services they offer, from accountants and travel agents to electricians and printers. Businesses selling products online also required detailed descriptions for each item extolling their benefits and features. New websites require home, about us and contact pages, while existing sites might require a refresh with additional services or partner pages added.

Where do freelance writers work?

Being freelance offers writers an exceptionally flexible way of working. Most freelancers will operate from home at the time that best suits their lifestyle. While having no fixed hours allows writers to work from wherever and whenever they want, they must have self-discipline to be successful.

When you work freelance there is no manager to remind you when to work to keep on track or warn you when you’re running late. You must organise your workload and ensure you keep on schedule. As a freelance writer you are part of a process and if you are late, it gives your editor and technical team less time to check and upload work.

However, if you are a responsible writer who can create quality work to deadlines, you may find freelancing is an ideal option. To work from home, you will need online access. Most freelance work is offered online through built-for purpose portfolios where communications are also conducted. However, the internet is also the swiftest way to research your article using search engines such as Google to track down all the information you need.

Freelance writing from start to finish

A freelance writing job always starts with a brief. This document will provide you with important information you require to complete the task. It will give you a minimum word count to mean, along with a topic, and sometimes even a specific title. The brief will also instruct you on specific information required, like a keyword that must be included or when to mention the client. Briefs also give you an idea of who the audience of the article is so you can tailor your piece accordingly. Finally, then brief will give you a deadline to submit your work by.

Next, you must research your topic online by reading around your subject and looking at examples of other articles or web copy. You must never directly copy content you find online. Instead, use it to inform your writing and create an original piece of work, which answers the brief you have been given.

You’ll need a device and some writing software to create your piece and submit it. Once complete, check your work for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and then submit the article by the deadline stated.

Now, editors will check your work. They may ask you to make an adjustment if you have missed an instruction in your brief, but once your work has been approved, you will be paid for it on the appropriate pay date used by your employer.

Are you looking for work freelance writing in Australia?

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