Freelance writing opportunities in Australia

To be successful, every modern Australian enterprise must have its own dedicated website. However, regardless of how well designed their online site is, customers must still attract potential customers to visit. One of the most effective ways to achieve this aim is to improve how high up a website appears in the rankings of online search engines by creating a steady flow of fresh and relevant content.

Not every business is big enough to have a dedicated team with the time and skills to take on this task. The good news is this deficit supplies a rich bounty of freelance writing opportunities and at Words of Worth Australia we can offer writers a diverse selection of work.

Do you require experience and qualifications to be a freelancer?

While there are writers who work for us with professional experience and writing qualifications, it’s not a requirement. If you have strong English language skills including grammar, spelling and punctuation, vocabulary and can grasp how to construct an article, you can be considered for copywriting work.

Additionally, you’ll need to be able to conduct research when you lack a background in a subject you are writing about and must be able to write original material while accepting feedback from our editing team.

What equipment do you need to work as a writer for us?

Whether it’s a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need a suitable device that can run writing software to work with us. As a writer working remotely, you’ll also need a reliable internet connection so you can receive briefs, submit work and communicate with our editors. Online, you’ll also find helpful writing apps that can help you check your grammar and punctuation as well as research resources.

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If you are a dependable and committed writer with excellent English language skills, we have assignments for you at Words of Worth Australia. You can work with our experienced in-house team of editors on an extensive selection of content that includes product descriptions for online catalogues, monthly and weekly news and non-news blogs and a varied range of online copy for landing pages and company websites.

At Words of Worth Australia, we are always interested in connecting with writers who can create high quality content that is well written and answers the brief. If this sounds like the job for you, apply to write with us today.

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    In particular, we’d be interested to know if you have knowledge of printing, virtual hosting and industrial machinery such as metal cutting tool machinery.

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