Paid writing jobs in Australia

While there are many ways you can earn money from home in Australia, writing jobs can be a lucrative option well worth considering. While some options like completing surveys or giving paid reviews might be simple to complete with zero professional expertise, accruing earning can be time consuming due to the low rates of pay involved.

Online content writing jobs, however, can see writers earn hundreds of dollars each month from the comfort of their own home. Let’s take a closer look at this option, discussing its benefits and who it might be suitable for. We’ll also explore what kind of writing work is available and the equipment and abilities people need to participate. Finally, we’re going to provide you with an idea of how writers in Australia are paid for the content they submit.

Whether you’re based in Brisbane, Sydney or Perth, if earning money from home writing piques your interest, read on to learn more about this unique career option.

Who can access paid writing jobs in Australia?

Many are unaware that no formal qualification is requires to undertake writing jobs in Australia. While you won’t need an educational certificate to prove your competence, you will need to supply a writing sample to display that you have strong English language skills. Furthermore, you will not need to have worked previously as a professional writer with roles listed on a CV and employer references to back them up. You will need to be able to understand a brief and be able to construct a coherent article, however, and be capable of writing original content.

If you have some skill in this area and are committed to improving your work, writing might be an ideal career for you. While some people write full-time, others supplement their income with part-time work, taking assignments as and when they have room free in their schedule. Writers must work to strict deadlines however, so you must be a dependable person who takes their role seriously. Writing from home can seem like a luxury, but it will be up to you to be your own boss and manage your workload. Late articles can impact whether you get paid.

What will you be writing if you’re accepted for work?

Writing agencies offer reliable freelancers regular work and a wide range of assignments. As a result, you may get a chance to master penning press releases, product descriptions, informative blogs, and an extensive selection of web copy for service and about us pages, as well as locational landing pages that promote a firm’s brand in the area they operate.

Articles can vary greatly in terms of length. For instance, product descriptions might be bite-sized 225-word pieces, while a feature article can be upwards of 1,000 words in some cases. Welcome news to writers is that they are paid by the word, so the longer an article is, the more they will earn. However, to ensure content is easy to read, longer articles must be effectively structured. This will usually mean breaking down information with shorter paragraphs and using clear subheadings.

The payment system for writing jobs is straightforward and simple and any money earned is deposited directly in the writer’s bank account to a pre-determined schedule or set pay day.

Tools of the trade for Australian writers

To take on writing jobs in Australia, internet access you can count on is essential. You’ll receive offers of assignments online and once completed, you’ll submit your work via the same portal. If you have questions regarding your brief, you can ask your editors for help online, and if they need amendments made to your work, they can communicate them to you.

Internet access also allows you to research subjects that may be unfamiliar to you. This can help you write on a diverse array of topics, but can also assist you writing skills as you can access useful applications to check spelling and punctuation.

It goes without saying that you’ll also need a peaceful place to work and a device capable of running word processing software so you can create your content, like a desktop, laptop or tablet. A smartphone might be fine for writing on the go but it will be a challenge to carry out serious writing work on.

Would you like to become a paid writer in Australia?

If you feel like the role we’ve mentioned might appeal to you, writing jobs are within your reach. Here at Words of Worth Australia, we are always keen to connect with diligent writers we can depend on. Providing you have good English skills, can create unique copy, and are dedicated to creating high-quality work, we have an impressive selection of paid work available.

Our on-staff editors are experienced in their craft and can help you improve your writing skills one assignment at a time with useful feedback and advice. Regardless of the state you’re based in, if you’re ready to earn while you learn, apply for paid writing jobs in Australia with us today. We also welcome applications from New Zealand.

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