Part-time freelance writing in Australia

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Fitting a new part-time job around your existing commitments isn’t always easy. When you have a regular role but want to add another to your timetable, getting the two positions to coexist harmoniously can be especially hard. Many people find employers require them to be more flexible, not the other way round.

Similarly, if you have personal obligations which involve you caring for another, like a young family member or an elderly relative, finding a part-time role that fits around their needs can be equally tricky. Those who are studying also struggle when they wish to make money to support their tuition and lifestyle. Tracking down part-time work that doesn’t interfere with studying or a social life can be hard to come by.

Fortunately, agile options are available like part-time freelance writing in Australia. In the next sections we’ll take a closer look at this enviable option, which can be an ideal answer to all of the above circumstances. Read on to find out more about what is involved in such a role.

What do you need for part-time freelance writing in Australia?

To write as a freelancer, you won’t need a formal qualification in English or an employment history that lists writing roles. However, companies hiring will need you to demonstrate your abilities so they can assess whether or not you can write to the standard they require. As a result, you will usually need to submit a sample article answering a brief and deliver it to a set deadline.

This last part is important. While editors will study your English skills and ability to follow a brief by looking at your writing sample, they will also estimate whether you are reliable by how long it takes you to turn your work in.

To write from home, you will also need online access and a device that can run dedicated writing software like Microsoft Word. Firms hiring writers list and offer work online and writers upload completed pieces to their sites. Online search engines are exceptionally useful for researching articles and can help you get a solid background in your subject swiftly. There are many other useful resources online, however, like free applications that will check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If you are not confident in your English skills, such programs can help you double-check your work, but it is always wise to proof your own pieces prior to submission.

What will you write about on freelance assignments?

Many writing companies will offer you work based on the area where you live and your area of expertise, but the best freelance writers can tackle any topic. If you are willing to research any topic, you’ll find no shortage of work is available and your knowledge base will be constantly expanding. With this experience under your belt, you’ll be able to write as an authority on an increasingly diverse range of subjects.

Freelance writers will discover a wide array of assignments are offered, like regular blogs that promote a firm’s products and services and product descriptions that help customers make an informed choice when buying online. Copy for websites is also in considerable demand with new companies looking for writers to create engaging content that encourages traffic to their site.

Choosing when you write

When you write as a freelancer, you will be given a due date for each assignment you accept. As long as you keep your brief on track and submit your work by the agreed date, you can select when you create it. This means that if you work nine to five during the week, you can work your part-time hours at the weekend, or if you have children you can write in the mornings while they are at school.

While writing assignments will be offered to you, it is ultimately up to you whether you accept them or not, although you would usually be expected to give notice on an ongoing brief you no longer wish to do. As a result, you can work as little or as much as you can manage.

Are you interested in part-time freelance writing in Australia?

Wherever you are based across the country, if you have good English language skills and are determined to become a better writer, we can help. At Words of Worth Australia, we work with a wide range of busy companies throughout the nation, supplying them with regular content written to a professional standard.

From updated copy for websites and landing pages to product descriptions and blogs, we have a wealth of work available for committed writers. If you are set up to work from home, you can freelance for us, working to your own schedule and around your existing obligations. As long as you submit your articles on time and to brief, you can choose your own working hours to suit your personal needs.

Make your application today and start writing part-time for Words of Worth Australia now.