What skills do I need to become a freelance writer?

Many people find the idea of writing from home and getting paid an attractive option, but are unsure what skills are required. Some writers mistakenly believe that they might need an English language degree or have a CV packed with professional experience. The truth is that lacking either of these credentials is not a roadblock to becoming a freelance writer.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t need specific skills however, and in this blog, we’ll explore the abilities you’ll need to become a successful freelancer and some of the personal character traits that make for being a good writer.

How is your English?

While you won’t need a formal qualification, your basic English language skills must be sound. While everyone’s work will require corrections periodically, having excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary are the foundations required by writers.

You’ll need the ability to read through a writing brief and understand what is being asked of you. With full comprehension of the request, you’ll need to be able to construct an article that answer’s the brief fully and speaks to the target audience. It is a wise idea whenever possible to use language that is easy to understand to ensure you maximise the potential readership of a piece.

Research and originality

Even the most knowledgeable writer will come across assignments covering topics they are unfamiliar with. To write with authority, freelancers must be able to research subjects thoroughly and put information into their own words. Writers must never directly copy sentences from other’s pieces, or they will be penalised for plagiarism and their work will be rejected.

Qualities of successful freelancers

Along with certain skills, particular personal characteristics are also important for freelance writers. You must be able to manage your workload and deliver work to tight deadlines. Dependability is an essential quality that editors seek in the writers they work with, so ensure you always keep your work on track.

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