Can anyone earn a living through writing?

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The short answer to this question is “yes.” The more truthful answer is “yes, but.” The “but” is important, because making a living through writing is challenging. Still, people succeed all the time, and so can you.

Getting started—how is your skillset?

If you are concerned your abilities might be a little shaky, there are many online classes that will help you brush up. A quick search reveals that the University of Queensland offers a course entitled “English Grammar and Style,” which teaches basic grammar concepts. This course is free at the basic level, and is only one of many available.

What to write

Your subject is up to you, so if you’re burning to write the definitive adventure novel about pirates, go ahead. However, getting a book published can take years, involves trying to find an agent, usually receiving rejection after rejection, and sometimes not publishing at all. However, if you’re reading this, you’re probably more interested in how to write material that will bring in money quickly. Don’t give up on that book, but consider it a “hobby” and focus on what you can write right now that will provide income.

If you are just starting out, your first step is to decide on your niche. This involves doing some soul searching to determine what appeals to you, what you are comfortable with, and what you would like to learn more about. Popular niches include education, parenting, and wellness. You may decide you prefer travel, cat behavior, or cooking.

At this point, you should look on Facebook, Twitter, online job boards, and other platforms to see what people are searching for. If there are thousands of hits on your subject, it’s a good choice. But if no one is looking for “500 uses for dirty socks,” maybe consider a different option.

Once you have decided on your niche, the best and quickest way to start earning money is to write a blog. You’ll also need to create a website to house it, but there are dozens of tutorials to help you do that. Sites like and WordPress host basic websites for free, and help users build them as well.

Once you have your site, you can start writing blog posts. You will want to save these posts on your site so that you build a portfolio. From there, your options include asking to post your writing on another blog, or trying to land a job with a small business, using your blogs as promotional examples.

Appearing as a guest on another blog is a great way to start, but you must make sure you are providing information of value to the other blogger’s readers. Nobody wants to read a post that screams “Buy My Book!” In the social media world, the key to success is to provide value, and build solid relationships over time. As you start to gain followers, you will also begin to identify opportunities.

You can also approach local businesses with your writing. You might call, send an email, or even visit in person. Small retailers and “mom and pop shops” are often too busy, or not savvy enough, to handle social media. You can help them increase their presence by creating a newsletter for them and keeping it updated.

One other way to make money writing is to work for someone else on a consistent basis. You can do that by contacting us at Words of Worth, where you’ll have monthly assignments, regular payments, and a chance to improve your skills.

If you’re just starting, we can help you grow, so apply with us today.