How to make money writing online in 2023

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Finding different ways to support your income can be especially important for those whose cost of living has increased since 2022 began, with the economical challenges of the year being well documented.

It can be challenging to commit to an additional full or part-time job due to factors like distance and conflicting work schedules. Writing online, however, offers people the convenience of earning money from home and enough flexibility to choose when they wish to work.

There are various approaches you can take, and they all come with pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Find work through job boards

If you’re looking for an immediate writing position, accepting requests on online job boards might be a good option for you to pursue. Several businesses and individuals often turn to job boards to enlist the help of freelancers with writing projects they don’t have the time or writing experience necessary to complete.

Those who use boards to find freelance work have the freedom to choose which subjects they wish to write about and can apply for as many assignments they feel comfortable accepting at once. However, make sure to only accept work from credible employers. Having good customer service skills is also recommended, since some job boards allow for direct interactions with clients, and this is a part of the role many writers find challenging.

Become part of a writing agency

Writers interested in positions with consistent work may want to consider joining a writing agency. Being accepted as part of a company’s freelancing team will allow you to receive multiple briefs and give you opportunities to work with recurring clients. You can research the agency in advance to see if the niches they cover overlap with the content you feel comfortable creating.

Additionally, some agencies have editing teams available to help you develop your writing skills and provide guidance to ensure you’re meeting the client’s expectations. Having a team of professionals acting as a liaison between the writer and client can be especially beneficial for freelancers who lack experience with professional communication and negotiating prices, but it can feel restrictive to writers who want to really develop a style and working approach of their own.

Start your own blog

Blogging has always been a popular way for people to earn money through online content creation. Personal blogs allow writers to pick their niche and set their post deadlines. You can even monetize your blog by including affiliate links in your submissions.

Some bloggers also offer products like e-books and virtual courses on their sites that fans can pay to access. However, remember that creating a blog with a large, dedicated audience will take time and might not be viable for people looking for immediate sources of supplemental income. For many writers, blogging is more something they do to keep their writing brain in shape and build a portfolio of work than something to directly make money from.

Create blog posts for existing websites

Those who enjoy writing blogs but do not want to invest the time to create and maintain a personal website can choose to submit their work to other virtual publications instead. There are numerous sites that accept submissions from both experienced writers and first-time bloggers.

Make sure to research the publication before cold emailing their staff to avoid pitching articles they don’t want to use for their website. Many blogs have a page that details their submission guidelines, so it can be highly beneficial to read their rules first. Reading a few of the site’s recently published pieces will show you the tone and formatting style to use for your blog.

Write for literary magazines

Not all content written online needs to be nonfiction. You can easily find online publications that publish and pay writers for fictional stories across all genres. It’s important to look into the journal before sending them your story to get a feel for the kinds of stories the publishers enjoy.

Several literary magazines also have a page describing their submission guidelines and may even list what subjects to avoid in your story. Be warned, however, the review process for your piece might take a long time, so it’s no quick route to money in the bank.

Self-publish your work

Writers can also choose to self-publish books on platforms like Amazon to potentially earn some extra cash. Using Amazon for self-publishing will help authors skip the lengthy and competitive approval process from literary agents and publishing houses. Additionally, you don’t have to compromise your creative vision since you get the final say on when your story is ready for the public.

Gaining an audience and sticking out from the crowd on Amazon can be difficult for debuting novelists, but there are strategies they may use to improve their success. For example, writers can invest in creating an eye-catching cover design or intentionally write for less competitive book genres.

Write for Words of Worth

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