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At Words of Worth, we have a large new writing project that exclusively calls for US writers. Writing business-related news and event news across a number of states, such as Winsconsin, Utah, Iowa, Alabama and New York, we’re looking for US writers to earn money writing from home and submitting their articles online to us. We pay per piece, regardless of how much traffic it attracts, and you don’t have to wait for someone to offer to ‘buy’ your article – this is a set amount per piece that you’ll be advised of upfront.

Maybe you’re a professional freelance writer, or just starting out to earn some extra money. Either way, if you can use the Internet, can write and have a good standard of US English spelling and grammar, then apply today and you could be writing for us and earning money from next week.

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  • Martha (Penny) Guyer


    I am a freelance writer, primarily producing proposals for companies looking for contracts with industry and/or government. I live in New England, but have lived all over the US. I grew up in Iowa, attended college in Colorado, lived in Washington State, Washington DC (other side of the country!), Minnesota…well, you get the idea.

    I would be happy to send you my resume and writing samples. Obviously, American English is definitely my native tongue–and I was raised by a woman who would stand for nothing less than the Queen’s English, so grammar is in my DNA. I hold a Masters degree in Business Communications.

    Can you give me a summary of the type of writing you want for this position?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Martha (Penny) Guyer

  • Pat Huff


    Hello. I am a professional freelance copywriter based in Utah and am interested in writing business-related articles and news for you. I graduated summa cum laude with a minor in English and will use my writing skills to present top-notch copy. I have a vested interest in business since I also have held a broker license and have been a mortgage officer. I look forward to hearing more about your writing projects.

    Regards, Pat Huff

    Please read a sample of my positive feedback from copywriting jobs completed on
    Client: woodyacme
    Feb 9, 2011|Other – Writing Services|Completed|
    Feedback Comments: “Pat is one of the most professional people that I have worked with. She has adhered to the schedule and got the project done to a level BETTER than I expected! I will be hiring Pat again for future projects…”

  • Matt


    Hi Martha

    If you apply using our application form you’ll receive a full brief on what we’re looking for, and the next steps. Hope that helps.

  • Matt


    Hi Pat

    If you apply via our application form you’ll see what we need doing, and the sort of writing jobs we have on offer.

  • Judy Hill


    I recently started writing articles for another company online…only it did not turn out to be a pleasant experience (had to fight to get paid). Luckily, I only wrote 5 articles for them – all on soothing skin essentials. This was supposed to be an ongoing position.I was psyched up for it…only to be let down after I submitted my five articles.

    Though I know sometimes we run into a few bad apples…I believe the majority of people out there are honest and reliable. I work from home and would love to continue writing articles, press releases, etc. and be kept busy. I have to pry myself away from the computer as it is!

    As you will see on my website I have written for various clients – mostly entrepreneurs wanting to start up their own internet marketing business. I’m flexible when it comes to subject matter…and enjoy researching a topic to make my article credible…and I learn so much information at the same time.

    Thank you, and I’m anxious to get starting writing top=notch articles for you!

    Judy Hill
    Write from the Heart

    • Matt


      Hi Judy

      We get a lot of writers who have written for content companies elsewhere and have been stung when it comes to payment. You can soon get a feel for companies though by Googling them. Any bad reputation for not paying will follow them round the Internet. We pay our writers each month regardless of whether our clients pay us (as isn’t the case for some companies, who use non payment from their clients as an excuse to withhold writer fees).

  • LeKeisha Wanamaker


    I would like to write articles for the company, but I do not know what exactly you are looking for. Please send me more information. Thank You.


    • Matt


      Hi LeKisha

      If you apply via our application form you’ll be sent a complete brief for the sort of thing that we’re after.


  • Joquel Hunt


    Hi! My name is Joquel.Although, I am new to writing I look forward to gaining the acceptance of my application from Words of Worth.I am currently preparing a rough draft of my autobiography called “His purpose in My pain”.I have a passion for writing that is guaranteed to take me far.But everybody has to start somewhere and I am truly thankful for the consideration.

  • susan jensen


    I live between North Carolina and NYC and can write local pieces from both areas of the U.S. Whilst in NYC, I belong to several gourmet groups and can easily write cooking/restaurant articles.

  • Matt


    Hi Melissa – our editing team will email you about your issue.

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