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At Words of Worth, we pay our writers each month to write content for our clients. Whether you want to write just a few posts per month, or a lot more, we have the work waiting for good-quality Canadian writers. Regular monthly pay, for regular monthly writing work. If that’s of interest to you, apply to be a writer in Canada today.

Please do NOT use AI writing software:
Since ChatGPT became publicly available, we’ve noticed a huge increase in poor-quality applications. Any applications that we suspect have used ChatGPT or any other AI tool for any part of the application process will be rejected, and we use AI-writing detection software to help determine this. We’re looking for people who can write well and enjoy doing it, so if that’s not you, please look elsewhere.

Please use your real name: We understand that some writers use pen names, but to make sure you get paid correctly, please make sure the name you give us matches the one on your bank account. Very small differences are OK, such as if you prefer to be called ‘Mike’ instead of ‘Michael’, for example.

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    We often receive niche requests that don’t fit into the categories above. Tell us what other interests and experience you have; whether it’s taxation, plumbing, web design, nail care or air conditioning - if the topic comes in and it’s your speciality, it all yours. Let us know about your former careers, your hobbies and what you’ve studied below.

    In particular, we’d be interested to know if you have knowledge of printing, virtual hosting and industrial machinery such as metal cutting tool machinery.

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