3 easy editing tips for freelance writers

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Writing from home is the goal for many aspiring freelancers, but once you have landed the job and written your assignment, it’s key to take the time necessary to edit your work. If you are unsure where to start, continue reading to discover some easy tips for editing your work.

1. Edit in a new format

Many freelance writers type their work, so when it comes to editing, you could try printing and re-reading your work. You may even want to wait a couple of hours between writing and editing your assignment to give yourself some breathing room. When you edit your work, try reading it out loud; this will make it easier to catch sentences that do not follow well.

2. Remove repetitive phrases and filler content

Use tools like a word frequency counter to identify words or phrases you rely too much on. Once you have that list, use a thesaurus to find alternatives; choose phrases that still work for the piece’s target audience. Consider using online tools such as Hemmingway to help identify and rework hard-to-read sentences. However, remember can only offer you alternatives, and cannot replace editing your work.

3. Ensure work follows the brief

Before you submit any writing jobs, make sure you complete a final check against the writing brief. Treat the brief as a checklist; if the client requests certain keywords, find them in the article and check them off on the assignment. Treating the brief as a checklist ensures all aspects of the assignment have been covered before submitting it, and avoids awkward conversations about why you did not cover certain requests.

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