3 side gig ideas to help earn money from home

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There are countless opportunities to earn money from home if you know where to look. Here are a couple of low-barrier-to-enter side gigs you may want to try.

Create a podcast

Podcasts have taken off in recent years, and the industry is only expected to keep growing. Like its predecessors of YouTube videos and blogs, anyone can make a podcast. The key is to pick a niche and stick to a regular production schedule.

Try transcribing

With the increase in short and long-form videos and podcasts comes the need for transcripts. Not only do transcripts make videos or podcasts accessible to everyone, but transcripts can also help with the SEO performance of the content. The key to successfully earning money from home with this job is to listen carefully to what is being said and be a fast typer.


Blogging remains one of the most accessible avenues for Canadians to earn money from home. There are several avenues to consider if you want to make money blogging. You could launch your own blog, but it might be a while before you start receiving revenue from many ads or affiliate links on your site. You could also contact other blogs and try your hand at guest writing for them.

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