4 easy ways to earn money from home

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Earning money from home in Canada is easy. The possibilities are endless, from freelance writing to running a business out of your home.

1) Online tutoring

There are a wide variety of online tutoring options; some require additional certifications that can easily be obtained online, such as teaching English as a second language. Others you can start immediately, such as providing tutoring in a class you excelled at in school.

2) Become a virtual assistant

An increasingly in-demand job, virtual assistants are in charge of everything from arranging appointments to assisting with PowerPoint development. Often employed by start-ups and individuals running their businesses, virtual assistants can significantly impact a small business’s success.

3) Monetize a blog

If you want to cut out having to interact with others, launching your blog may be the method you want to consider for earning money from home. Picking the right niche and sticking to it is crucial to the success of a blog. Once you have a couple of posts, you can look at implementing Google Ads and affiliate links to generate income.

4) Freelance writing

One way that many Canadians earn money from home is through freelance writing. Whether you find clients on your own or partner with an agency such as Words of Worth, freelance writing is an easy way to earn money from the comfort of your home. If you want to try your hand at writing, make sure you consider what types of writing you want to focus on. For example, blogs, media alerts, web copy, and email campaigns all require slightly different writing skills, and you may pick one of these to focus on first before expanding to the others.

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