4 types of writing from home jobs to try your hand at

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A wide variety of opportunities are available when it comes to remote writing. If you are ready to start earning money from the comfort of your own home, try your hand at one of these writing-from-home jobs.

1. Ghost Writing

A ghost writer works on behalf of a business or individual and is not credited for the published work. Ghost writing can be anything from a simple 300-word blog post to an entire book. While it has the downside of not allowing you to claim your published work publicly, in many instances it does allow you to charge up to 3x more than you could if you had an author byline.

2. Technical Writing

If you have a strong technical background or are good at simplifying complex topics, technical writing may be the writing-from-home job you are looking for. Technical writers often write manuals, technical guides, evaluation and research reports, as well as policy and procedure documents.

3. Video Script Writing

From TikTok and YouTube to marketing videos, the power of video is undeniable. To create compelling videos you need a script, which is where video script writing comes into play.

4. Blog Writing

Whether you want to launch your very own blog or start writing as a contributor for an already established blog, there are many writing-from-home job opportunities within the blog space.

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