A guide to researching your writing

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Working online offers people an opportunity to supplement their income or even start a new career. Creativity is an essential skill for writers to have , but you will also need to know how to do your research so that you will be able to present factual information that is useful to your target audience.

Go online

Depending on the topic at hand, writers often turn to the internet to find the information they need. For example, if you are writing about events, there are many event listing sites that can be extremely helpful. Most of them can be accessed free of charge, and they provide information such as dates, times, locations and additional details. In many cases, these will be up to date and indicate whether or not a function has been postponed or canceled.

Those who do a lot of writing often have a “go to” list of sites they have come to depend on, and this can save both time and effort. Choose sites that are well known and reliable, offering information that can be confirmed.

Start big

When searching for information on a specific subject, it can be wise to start big and work from there. Many large sites cover a topic in a general way, and they can be a starting point to gathering more specific details. Be aware that commercial sites may be trying to sell a product or service, and the information they provide may be mostly for marketing. Take these with a grain of salt, and if possible, confirm the details using a secondary source.

Fill in the details

Once you have the “skeleton” of the piece you wish to write, it’s time to flesh it out. For instance, if you are writing about ideas or for those who are planning a vacation to a particular province, begin with an overview of the location and then research specific details, such as various community festivals, lodging and dining options, driving distances and attractions. Be sure to include information that may be helpful to the target audience. If someone is traveling with small children, they likely won’t be interested in details about nightlife, but they may be want to know about beaches and other family attractions.

Provide sources if possible

An well-written online article may catch the reader’s interest, leaving them wanting to know more. Including the sources used to prepare a piece will make it easier for them to keep on learning, and it will also be simple for them to verify any facts provided.

Social media can be your friend

While social media may not be a reliable source for facts, it can still be a useful tool. It may provide ideas, and can be especially valuable for writers who need some inspiration to get started.

Take care

The internet provides a wealth information, but not all sites are created equal. Some offer information that has not been verified or confirmed, and these are best avoided.

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