Client management tips for freelance writers

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Writing from home is an amazing job for many freelance writers, but if you want to continue to succeed, you need to stay on top of your client management. Learn about the top ways Canadian freelancers can manage their clients.

Keep track of your clients

To build relationships with your customers, you must keep track of them. Whether you use client management software or just an Excel spreadsheet, develop a method to track who your clients are, their preferred communication method, what projects you have completed for them, and if they have any particular writing requests.

Clear communication and strive for transparency

You must keep an open channel of communication with your client through their preferred method; more often than not, that will be emailed, but some clients may prefer a phone call instead. When communicating with your clients, try to be transparent with them.

Manage expectations and give feedback

From the projects themselves to your response rate when a client reaches out to you, setting expectations early in your client relationship is essential. This could be as simple as setting an auto-reply email to let clients know when you will get back to them or having that conversation at the start of your relationship.

Embrace feedback

While we would all love for our clients to approve of our work right after submission, that often is not the case. Try actively listening to what your clients tell you about your writing jobs.

Remember, client management is about ensuring that your clients keep coming back to you for more writing jobs and making their lives easier.

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