Could your content fall foul of Google’s policies?

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Around this time last year, Google issued a statement threatening to come down hard on misleading and inappropriate content. Then, seemingly, not a lot happened.

However, the last month or so has seen many Google News and Google Discover publishers struck by “manual actions”. As per the name, this is when a person working for Google has decided a piece of content violates one of the 10 policies in place for News and Discover.

Although avoiding subjects like hateful and deceptive content should be common sense, some reports suggest Google can be a little erratic in deciding what is and isn’t appropriate. Also, while Google will tell you which policy or policies you’ve violated, it won’t be specific about how or why.

If you get a manual action, you’ll be prompted to address it and resubmit it to Google for review, but of course it’s best to save yourself the trouble by offering high-quality, accurate content in the first place. If you think you can help us provide that, we’d love to hear from you at Words of Worth. Apply with us today!

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