How to create the perfect at-home writing environment

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One of the benefits of writing from home is you can do so anywhere and at any time, but you can still make alterations to your environment to improve your writing experience. Whether you are a writing nomad or writing from home to earn a little extra income, keep reading to learn how to build the perfect writing environment, no matter your situation.

Consider your space

Finding a suitable space for writing is critical to creating a perfect writing environment. Make sure any natural light within the space will be helpful and not become an eye-searing hindrance as time goes on. Having a comfortable spot to sit will also help you keep working for longer, and prevent any uncomfortable neck or back pain.

Gather supplies and inspiration

Depending on what you are writing, you may have different supplies or inspiration. If you are writing about a specific geographic region, you may want to surround yourself with maps and images to help you feel inspired. You may like to jot down quick notes or thoughts on a piece of paper as you gather information, in which case, you’ll want a pen and notepad. Having water and snacks nearby will also help keep you hydrated and allow you to work longer, preventing potential headaches.

Close out distractions

Depending on your mindset on a given day, you may run into tempting distractions. Any items or activities that become a distraction should be removed from your writing space whenever you need to concentrate.

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