How to land recurring writers’ jobs

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Finding writers jobs is one of the most difficult parts of writing from home. Luckily, though, writers can often land recurring work, allowing them to focus on what they love: writing rather than finding clients.

Look for companies and blogs

Rather than waiting for a job offer or posting instead, look for larger companies and blogs within your niche and reach out to them. If you can land a couple of companies and blogs, you can quickly fill up your calendar with recurring work. Ensure you update your portfolio with relevant articles and include them in your pitch.

Ask your current clients

If you have any recurring work with current clients, it never hurts to ask them if they know anyone looking for a similar service. This is especially helpful if they are willing to make the introduction for you rather than you needing to cold call. Depending on how established you are, you could even set up a promotion for referrals to help entice your clients.

Utilize freelancing sites

Freelancing writing sites often have recurring work on them, and they handle the relationship management for you. For example, Words of Worth partners you with a client, so every month, you are writing for the same client or clients. Freelance sites like this make it easy for you to focus on what you love, which is writing, rather than having to find and landing jobs.

Finding recurring writers’ work is easier than you may initially think. It is often just a matter of reaching out and networking.

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