How to market yourself as a freelance writer

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Writing from home is a dream for many aspiring freelancers, but to bring that dream into reality, you need to learn how to market yourself. Building a portfolio is not enough if people are not aware that you offer freelance writing services. Continue reading to learn how to market yourself.


Networking can take place in several different ways. One option is to reach out to local businesses to let them know about the writing services you offer. Some businesses may be receptive to a pitch right away where you can showcase your portfolio, whereas others might not require your services at this time. Utilizing online platforms like LinkedIn is another excellent way to build your network. Not only should you make sure you optimize your portfolio, but you may also want to develop a content plan to post on the platform join relevant groups associated with your target audience and start engaging in conversations happening there.

Showcase your skills

While your portfolio is a key asset to landing writing jobs, it will not help you find them. Building a website with a blog focused on issues your target customers or niche face will allow you to showcase your knowledge and writing skills to your target audience in a more organic way. When creating these blog posts, make sure to consider your calls to action on the site carefully; it could be as simple as a side banner with a link to more information about your writing services, but make sure to include something within them that indicates that you are open to writing jobs for this niche.

If you want to market yourself as a freelance writer, it starts by letting people know that you are accepting writing jobs. Apply to join our team of writers at Words of Worth today if you’re interested in a freelance writing career.

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