Six powerful writing tools for crafting SEO-friendly content

In simple terms, the phrase “search engine optimization”, which is commonly known as “SEO”, is a process designed to influence content in search engines and ensure it will be one of the top results. This may sound complicated, but there are tools that may really prove helpful.

Why can’t I go it alone?

There’s many factors to take into consideration when choosing keywords to target, and this can be an arduous task. SEO content tools can be real time savers, as they will suggest keywords, provide advice about article length and also generate meta-tags and URLs

Good for Google users

Google offers its own suite of optimization tools. It can be utilized in measuring website performance as well as load times and other factors that impact SEO. It will also supply information about how well a site ranks overall so improvements can be made.

Google also provides a Keyword Planner, and there are paid versions available as well. This makes finding related keywords easier, and also identifies trending terms. One of the best parts of many of these is they are free for anyone with a Google Ads account.

Streamlining with WordStream

WordStream can be a good choice for those who want software that is simple and easy to use. It aids in keyword generation, and this tool is available at no charge.

Get busy with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo supplies analytical tools for web marketers. Website builders may find it helpful in determining which parts of a site content generate the most traffic, and it may also be used to identify trending keywords.

Wonderful for WordPress users

Those who have chosen to utilize the popular WordPress hosting platform may want to make good use of its Yoast SEO. This plug-in supplies real time information about blogs so that they can be optimized, and its developers have made it easy to use. It even prompts those crafting a blog to complete a variety of SEO optimization tasks.

Check out Keyword Density Checker

Search engines tend to look for certain words related to a topic. Keyword Density Checker will scan a piece to make sure it contains a particular word or phrase a sufficient number of times without overusing it, aiding writers in crafting content with the recommended keyword density of between two and five percent.

Reach your target audience with Read-Able

As the average North American’s literacy sits at about the 8th grade, it’s recommended content crafters write to this level. Read-Able has created a proprietary algorithm for writers that matches its suggestion to the educational level of its target audience.

There’s a wide variety of SEO tools out there for those who engage in writing from home. At Words of Worth, we offer a supportive environment for our writers to develop their skills, so why not get in touch with us now to find out more.

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