Time management tips for writing jobs

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When you land a writing job, the only thing preventing you from making money is how long it takes you to complete your assignment. With these time management tips, you can effectively utilize your time and increase the number of assignments you can take on within a given time period.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Whether it is a weekly schedule or a daily one, having a schedule you can stick to is imperative to the success of your writing jobs. For example, you spend time collecting research for your writing jobs in the mornings, and the afternoons are spent writing. Or, if you prefer to complete one assignment at a time, you could pre-schedule set periods for research, drafting and writing your assignments as soon as you land a new writing job.

Avoid distractions and multitasking

Unfortunately, many Canadian writers utilize the internet for their research, which has the potential for many distractions. To avoid this, you should close out tabs that aren’t associated with your current writing job. You may even want to turn off notifications if you have difficulty focusing. In addition, to effectively utilize your time, you should avoid multitasking and instead focus on one task or assignment at a time.

Stay organized

For each client you should have a separate folder and within that folder a different subfolder for each assignment. It will be easy to store different documents for your research and draft from there. Creating separate documents for each draft of your assignment will also make it easy to refer back to old versions if you need to refer back to it. Create a straightforward naming convention for your documents, such as “[Client Name] – [Assignment Name] – Draft 1”.

Be sure to keep these important tips in mind as you work on your next freelance writing project.

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