When should a press release be issued?

A press release may be prepared for a variety of reasons. They are often utilized when there is a new company executive, a business earns an award, reaches or exceeds sales targets, or makes another noteworthy achievement.

Getting off to a great start

As a press release is meant to grab the reader’s attention, start with a headline sentence which will stand alone. It should be exciting but to the point. After this, provide some details about the company such as its name, location, and the date. This is where you should be promotional and where the business blows its own horn.

Remember to choose your words carefully. You will usually have only a set number to use.

Fill in the details

Now that you have the reader’s interest, it’s time to add some more information. These sections should be about three sentences long, and it’s a wise move to explain to the customer why the product or service will make a difference to them.

Add your quote

When preparing your piece, you will need to choose a quote to incorporate. This will be approved by your client ahead of time. If you have a contact name, use it. If not, you can simply state “a company spokesperson remarked that ”. Avoid using quotes sourced from third parties.

Craft a short and snappy ending

The final sentence of the release is taken up with a brief summary of the company’s contact details and a call to action. This often includes a phone number, email address, website name, and even social media information.

The final word

The final portion of a press release will supply the reader with a brief description of the business’s history and what it does. It’s okay to be “salesy” here. The information will be provided to you.

Release your inner writer

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