Writing from home jobs for beginners

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It is easier to start writing from home than you may initially think. All you need is to understand your skills, find an area with demand, and a computer with access to the internet. Below are a couple of areas where many freelance writers succeed when they first start out.

Email writing and transcripts

Email campaign writing is often overlooked by new writers looking to start writing from home, but there is a lot of opportunity within this area of work. Many businesses utilize email as part of their business functions and marketing campaigns. In addition, transcript writing is becoming increasingly in demand as more videos require closed captions to perform well on different social media channels.


Blog content creation is one area that many freelancers use to build their portfolios. Blogging is an easy way to get started in content creation and has endless opportunities. Whether you are looking to create your own blog or contribute to a currently existing one, you may want to reach out to blogs dedicated around that field to see if there are any writing opportunities there.

Product descriptions

Millions of websites are currently online and being built, and each requires a writer to optimize their product descriptions and accurately describe their services. There is a lot of opportunity for new and existing websites for you to find writing from home jobs.

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