Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on a few factors, like how much new work we’re getting at the time, the time of year it is, whether a new topic would seem to match your profile and how many assignments are being taken by our current writers. In some cases, you could be writing for us within the same month as your application

As with most contracts, we need at least 30 days’ notice to stop your contract. Think of writing for us like having a proper job, but one that lets you work from home at flexible times. If you start writing for us and find you can’t complete the assignment, you’ll need to tell us straight away. Please read our terms and conditions on the site.

Life does get in the way at times, but it’s for this reason that we ask you get ahead of your writing schedule, as per the T&Cs. If, for whatever reason, you can’t complete your contracted assignment as necessary, then you need to tell us immediately.

Dependent upon the assignment, there are usually 10 – 80 pieces per month – not usually on the same topic. The contract offered to you will vary dependent upon our clients’ requirements, but you have the opportunity to accept or refuse the assignment upfront.

The payment for a piece will usually depend upon the length of each piece. You will know the payment offered before you accept. For further details, please see our T&Cs.

Please refer to our T&Cs for payment schedules and methods.

Please refer to our T&Cs for payment schedules and methods.

As per our T&Cs, you are responsible for calculating and paying any tax or national insurance applicable to your own circumstances and country of residence.

We ask that you give us at least one month’s notice. This allows us some time to find a replacement writer for you. A point to note from our T&Cs is that we cannot make payment for a partly-completed assignment/contract.

We have an online system that is very simple and easy to use, and you put all your work into this. Once you have accepted an offer of work, we will send you a username and password so you can log into the system.

Within your assignment, you will be given a list of suitable subjects/topics and often links to useful resources on the internet. We are also able to answer any questions you might have via messages on the system.

For those on the waiting list, if you email then we check the inbox a couple of times per month. There’s often a lot of junk mail, so we try out hardest to pick out the real messages between the spam and applications. Approved writers can message us using our system and should then get a reply within just a few working hours – or 1 working day at most, UK time.

At first, we try hard to match the most suitable assignment to your writer’s profile. Despite this, whatever assignment it is, you will be provided with ideas and links to both the client’s site and any other online resources. This is usually sufficient to start you off, but if you really feel you have an issue with the topic then you have the right to refuse the assignment – we just ask you let us know as soon as you can.

At first, we will only give you the one assignment – we try to give at least 10 pieces to allow a minimum payment value each month. Usually, contracts are regular and are the same each month so we try to have the same writer each month on the same assignment where possible. By doing this, you become more used to the subject and will find it easier and quicker to write, and we know the client is satisfied with your writing. If you keep on schedule and we’re happy with your writing, then we will always consider offering you more work if you still want it.

Whenever we offer a contract, we will advise if it’s regular or a one-off. Mostly, they are on-going until a client gives notice and frequently, the contract will remain yours as long as we are satisfied with your writing and schedule and you are happy to carry on.

If the contract doesn’t renew or notice is given by the client, then as long as your work is of a good standard, then we will either offer an immediate replacement or you will be next in line for work.

You can write in the morning, afternoon or midnight if you like – whatever suits you! All we ask is that you stay on schedule or ahead (the system will tell you if you’re on track). For instance, if your contract is 30 pieces per month, then we will expect you to have done at least 15 by the halfway point in the month. As per our T&Cs, our article scheduling/publishing has to be evenly spread throughout the month, so it is for this reason that although you can be ahead of schedule, you must never fall behind. We can schedule articles beforehand, so we encourage you to stay ahead.

This will be dependent on the client and the assignment, but blogs or articles are usually 250 – 300 words. Some may require 500 words though, and web copy is often 500 words.

If you have a holiday planned, and you’re not able to get ahead to cover the time, then we ask that you let us know as far in advance as possible then we can arrange cover with another writer. Cover is usually arranged for the entire month, but it is possible to cover shorter periods.

We’ve been running for a few years now and used to display all these details on our site however, we soon discovered we were getting telephone calls and questions all day and it took up so much time we had little time left for work.

We receive so many applications each day, and it takes quite some time to individually check each one so we are unable to give individual feedback. You will receive a simple message advising that your sample wasn’t quite the standard we need.

When somebody sends in their application, on the basis of their sample we need to either reject it or accept the person onto the waiting list. Any writing is a personal thing and some inexperienced writers who are not used to rejection can take feedback personally, so this is one reason why we don’t offer contact details on our website.
There are some strange schemes in the world today, so we do understand this scepticism and the reason for this question.

For our regular writers, this clearly isn’t what we do. However, for the applications unfortunately rejected, all we’re able to say is that if we just wanted some copywriting for free, there are easier ways to get it, and it would probably be quicker to write the content ourselves. An awful lot of the applications we receive aren’t of a high enough quality for us to use, even if it is for free, so this sort of scam wouldn’t be cost- or time-effective.