Freelance writing opportunities

Earning money from home has become an increasingly popular way for people to supplement their income. However, it can be hard to find opportunities that are flexible, reliable, and easy for industry newcomers to enter. At Words of Worth, anyone can make some extra cash without worrying about set schedules.

What is Words of Worth?

Words of Worth provides companies with high-quality written content that improves their search engine optimization. We work with clients across many industries, like travel, entertainment, and business. Our team finds writing opportunities for freelancers and assigns contacts to writers based on their preferred niches and relevant experiences.

How does writing for Words of Worth work?

Your freelance position with our company starts with a simple application that defines your writing preferences and lets us get to know you. After being added to our applicant waiting list, we will send you a test article to complete. Writers who are accepted as one of our freelancers will start receiving monthly contracts.

When we offer writers work, we provide detailed briefs with clear guidelines for the articles, such as tonal preferences, which keywords to use, and what information to include in the submission. Our team also includes links to resources in the briefs that give freelancers a helpful starting point for researching keywords.

The content you create will be sent to us through our article submission system, which is a site where you’ll have convenient access to your ongoing assignments. You’ll be free to work on the briefs at your own pace, though we prefer our writers to stay at least three days ahead of our required submission targets.

What does it take to become a freelance writer?

Anyone has the potential to become a freelance writer for Words of Worth, so long as they have dependable internet access and excellent English grammar and spelling. Our editors will also be there to offer their professional advice to help you hone your skills and produce higher-quality content.

Getting to work at your own pace does require enough self-discipline to stay on track with each contract and find the time to research, write, and edit your articles. Those who can maintain their productivity are sure to become successful freelance writers.

If you’re interested in taking on flexible writing jobs in a non-competitive environment, then we encourage you to apply to Words of Worth today. We also offer a monthly newsletter that freelancers can join to receive helpful writing tips and updates on our waiting list.

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