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Georges Simenon, the creator of the hugely popular detective Jules Maigret, once described writing as “not a profession but a vocation of unhappiness.” Well, it can be hard work, but it’s without doubt rewarding too!

What is true is that anyone who wants to make money from writing needs to enjoy it. Writing is not a “get rich quick” scheme and shouldn’t be approached as such – it demands discipline, focus, and the ability to work without the guidance of an immediate supervisor.

Today, most print magazines and newspapers have moved mostly or entirely online, and anyone can get on the internet and upload their work. This presents challenges, but opportunities too.

Opportunity lies in the fact that companies of all sizes, from multinational corporations to mom-and-pop stores, need to have functioning websites and keep them interesting by continually providing fresh content. Major corporations use the internet for marketing and advertising, creating more opportunities in America to write articles for money. Blogs, articles, news stories and web copy are all a part of the arsenal for any business looking to make it to the top of Google’s search rankings. As such, they come to us at Words of Worth to give them the edge over their competitors.

However, writing for readers in America means that authors in other countries have to be aware of the peculiarities of American society. Words that are acceptable in other countries may be off-limits in the United States.

The sheer size of the U.S. means there are regional differences as well. Someone in the South referring to another person by saying “Bless their heart” is not giving them a compliment, as someone in the North might expect—the speaker is actually saying the individual is not very bright, or has been extremely offensive.

The three states that border the Pacific Ocean (Washington, Oregon, and California) are colloquially called the “Left Coast,” but the other end of the country is commonly known as the “Eastern Seaboard.” The center of the country is the “Midwest,” but some areas in the Midwest and Northeast, which were centers of heavy industry, are sometimes now called the “Rust Belt,” a reference to the decline of those industries.

Not only does someone writing for the U.S. have to be aware of the geography, but they also need to consider slang, which changes constantly and is also regional. California has been the birthplace of a vast range of slang terms, from “bitchin’” in the 1970s to today’s “hella” and “chill.”

In the South, someone might be “playin’ possum,” while people in Chicago invite others to accompany them by asking “Do you wanna come with?” In the Pacific Northwest, people go to “the coast” not the beach, things are “spendy” not expensive,” and they might be invited to a “potlatch,” rather than a “feast.” Many of the slang terms in this region come from Native American languages.

If you find this interesting rather than intimidating, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for writers from the USA who want to write web copy, blogs, and articles for money. We offer fixed rates of pay, regular contracts wherever possible, and the full support of our in-house editors, meaning that help is always at hand if you’re not sure of an assignment or are stuck for inspiration.

All we ask is that you can write will, with top-notch punctuation, grammar, and spelling, and are able to devote a few hours to us each week – staying on track with your assignments and meeting deadlines. If this sounds like you, head over to our FAQs for more information, then submit your application. You could soon be writing articles for money!