5 Common grammatical mistakes made in Australian English

Writing jobs are an excellent way to earn a salary while working from home. However, common grammatical errors can block many writers from being accepted for online opportunities. To avoid simple mistakes in your submissions, check out or list off common errors below.

1. Confusing you’re with your

Whether you use “you’re” or “your”, will depend on whether something is ‘being’ or is being possessed. Although this mistake might seem simple, it can easily occur when you’re in a rush.

2. Mixing up there, they’re and their

The word “there” refers to a location, while “they’re” is a contraction of the words “they” and “are”. Finally, “their” means something that belongs to a group, and. While most writers are aware of when to use each word, watch out for confusing them in your work.

3. Referring to a brand or business as ‘they’

A brand or company is never referred to as plural. As a result, you should use “it” and “it’s” when writing instead of “they” and their”. This mistake crops up often and can be found in numerous websites and articles online.

4. Knowing when to use affect or effect

While affect and effect both relate to change, when you should use these two words differs greatly. If you write about a change as a noun, you should use the word “effect”. However, when writing about the act of changing, you should employ “affect” instead.

5. Should you use it’s or its?

Finally, which one of these short words you should use can baffle even the most experienced writers. Always remember that “it’s” is just a contraction of the two words “it” and “is”, while “its” is possessive. While many words that end in the letter s are possessive, when it comes to the contraction “it’s”, this is not so.

How to avoid making grammatical errors in your work

Making mistakes is a common occurrence when you’re learning to write, but the more experience you gain, the less errors will be found in the content you produce. To reduce the number of grammatical mistakes you make, always proofread your pieces before you submit them. When possible, after completing an article, step away from it before proofing to ensure you see it with a fresh view.

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