How to make money writing online in 2022

There are many reasons why you might be looking to earn money as an online writer in 2022. Australia is currently experiencing rising fuel and food prices that have increased the cost of living dramatically, leading many people to supplement their existing income. Government restrictions have also resulted in business professionals carrying out their roles temporarily from home. After enjoying the freedom and autonomy of working remotely, it is understandable that many now wish to seek out ways to earn money from home to secure this approach as long-term solution.

While there are many ways to work remotely, writing from home creating online content is a valid option that is worth considering. If you’re interested in online writer’s jobs, read on to see how to make this possibility a reality.

Skills and personal attributes

To understand whether you are suited to writing online is the first hurdle. Ask yourself if you have solid English skills, including grammar, spelling and punctuation, as you will need these abilities to create clear and well-constructed content. Would you enjoy researching and writing about topics that you may not have a background in? While you can get paid higher rates if you are an expert, being able to write flexibly is a regular requirement of online writing.

Online writers must also have a strong work ethic. Operating under your own volition, you must be able to manage your own time and deliver work to deadlines. As a freelancer, you are personally responsible for the work that you supply and when you submit it.

Technical resources

It is understood that to work as an online content writer you will need reliable access to the internet. Companies that hire writers to produce articles operate through online portals, so access is necessary for you to accept briefs, communicate with editors and submit your finished assignments. Online search engines are also the most efficient way to quickly carry out research.

You will also need writing software to produce your articles, like Microsoft Word, and a device you can use to create your work, like a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. As a writer, you will be paid by the number of words you write, and each brief will request a different number. To receive payment, you will need your own personal bank account.

Providing a sample article

To become an online writer, you will typically have to perform a test so that the company’s editors can assess your skills. Commonly, you will be given a sample brief to complete. Read all its instructions carefully before you begin and make sure you include any keywords and stick to the correct word count. If the article has a title with a question, make sure that you answer it in your copy.

Be original

Whether you are applying to be a writer or submitting copy after a successful attempt, it is vital that any work that you supply is entirely original. It is understood that every subject is likely to have been covered before by other writers, but directly copying another’s work word-for-word is not permitted.

Companies hiring freelancers will use special software to scan work and can easily identify when work has been copied. Such articles cannot be used and, as a result, you will not be paid for them. To avoid this issue, research your topic carefully using multiple sources as references and then write using words of your own.

Be persistent and keep learning

If you are not successful in your first application to work as an online writer, don’t quit. There are numerous online options that allow you to train and improve your English and writing skills, so stick with it and study.

Even if you are accepted as an online content writer, don’t rest on your laurels. Instead, keep on learning. Read work from other writers, expand your vocabulary and use online writing aids. Editors can be an exceptional asset for aspiring writers. Listen to their feedback and suggestions to benefit from their experience and wisdom to improve the content that your produce.

Words of Worth Australia wants you

If you feel like you can tick the boxes above, at Words of Worth Australia, we would love you to apply to take on writing jobs with us. Whether you have previous experience as an online content writer or are an absolute beginner who is committed to writing like a professional with strong English language skills, you could become part of our pool of freelancers taking on work.

With us, you’ll get the chance to tackle a diverse range of briefs that include monthly and weekly blog posts and copy for websites. To get started working as an online writer in 2022, apply to write for us at Words of Worth Australia now.

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