Students: Are you looking for some extra income – why not become a freelance writer?

Bolstering your regular income with an extra revenue source isn’t always easy. Whether you already work full or part time, or have existing personal commitments like looking after a child or caring for an older relative, finding a new opportunity that fits can take time. A flexible option worth considering is to earn money from home taking on writing jobs.

With the technology available today, it is perfectly possible for people writing at home to make money in a way that suits their schedule. Writer’s jobs in Australia are available that allow people to work as little or as much as they wish, making it easier to earn extra money each month. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at becoming a freelance writer so you can see if it’s a fit for your skills and search for additional funds.

What are the benefits of becoming a freelance writer?

If you are someone who loves learning about new subjects and adding to their abilities, freelance writing can be exceptionally rewarding. While you’ll often be paid more if you have niche knowledge of a topic, as a content writer you’ll often need to research subject you are unfamiliar with. This provides writers with an excellent opportunity to expand their knowledge, with different types of writing demanding specific writing styles which extend their skillset as they learn.

As mentioned, freelance writing is exceptionally agile and can be adapted to your lifestyle or existing work pattern. Performed from home outside of regular office hours, you can write whenever you wish, for instance in the evenings or over the weekend to make extra money.

Writers are also allowed to handle their own workload, so if you’re someone who dislikes being micro-managed, as a freelancer you can work under your own initiative. However, your work will need to meet fixed deadlines, so it is essential that you keep your writing on track. Articles turned in late will not be paid.

What qualifications and experience are necessary to be a freelance writer?

You won’t be asked for a degree in English or for an employer reference to write freelance. Instead, you will be typically asked to write a sample article to assess your abilities. Providing that you have good English skills including punctuation, spelling and grammar, you’ll find an abundance of work available. It is understood that you might not be an expert on every aspect of content writing, but if you are willing to take on board feedback from editors you can earn while you’re learning.

What technical equipment do you need for freelance writing?

As you’ll be working from home, you will need access to a reliable internet connection. You’ll receive briefs and communicate with your editors online, but you’ll also need the web to research the content you create. Every piece you produce must be original which makes research crucial; you can gain a background in your subject and write about it in words of your own. Fortunately, search engines such as Google are far faster ways to grasp a topic compared to hours spent fact reading in a library. You will also need a device like a desktop or laptop computer which you can load with writing software and create your pieces on before uploading them online.

What kind of content do freelance writers get paid for?

There is a constant demand for a wide range of different types of content. As a result, the writing jobs available are extremely diverse. Freelancers can find work writing news and non-news blogs, press releases and even product descriptions for ecommerce platforms and online catalogues. Website copy like about us, home and products/service pages are also sought after, as are location-based landing pages which advertise a company’s offering to a specific state or suburb.

As mentioned earlier, writing submitted must always be completely original. Each complete piece uploaded by a freelancer is run through anti-plagiarism software which checks that the content has not been copied from an existing article. If an article is not their own work, the freelancer will not be paid.

Would you like to become a freelance writer in Australia?

If after reading the sections above you feel you have the skills and set-up required to start writing content, we would love to hear from you. At Words of Worth Australia, we regularly offer articles to freelance writers we can rely on giving them the opportunity to accept or decline each brief. Once proofed and approved, every piece of content submitted to the set deadline is paid for, enabling freelancers to earn extra revenue when they need to make a little more.

Apply to write with Words of Worth Australia and begin your new career as a freelance writer working from home.

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