Five of the best ways to make money online in Australia in 2023

Making money online is an attractive option for many in Australia. Offering greater flexibility than a traditional workplace setting, online work allows people to carry out their role from the comfort of their own home, and make it fit with their existing commitments and lifestyle. For some people, making money online is a helpful way to boost their monthly earnings with an extra revenue stream, while for others it is a career choice.

While there are numerous ways to make money online in Australia, finding the option that best suits your abilities and interests can take careful research. To save you time and energy when making plans for a fresh approach in the new year, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options you can pick from. Read on to find out which one is the ideal choice for you in 2023.

1. Taking on micro jobs

Ideal for those with limited time and professional experience, carrying out micro jobs can be a great way to get started making money online. There are many sites where short tasks are listed, which you can complete in return for cash. The micro jobs available are exceptionally diverse and can involve writing a blog, data entry, art and design, administrative tasks, photo editing, translations and proofreading.

Some jobs will be offered at a fixed rate, while others require candidates to bid for work. Carrying out micro jobs can be useful when you want to gain some experience in a specific field or to build up a portfolio of professional work undertaken for pay to add to your résumé. As a result, they are favoured option of college students, graduates and those embarking on a career as a freelancer.

Micro jobs are also popular as they are recognised as a quick way to make money. As jobs are relatively small and can be turned around quickly, the payment process is equally speedy. Rather than waiting until the end of a long project to receive renumeration, those taking on small jobs can make money swiftly and move on to the next job.

2. Completing surveys

It might seem like a pipe dream, but it is possible to make money by completing online surveys. Data has become one of the most valuable commodities for businesses who are seeking to increase sales and improve the reception of their products and services. As a result, many enterprises are willing to pay people to take part in surveys for both general market research and analysis of consumer behaviour. These online surveys are designed to help companies make informed business decisions, like where they should publish an advertisement or when to launch a specific product.

It’s worth noting that writing surveys can be a limited way of making money. For instance, surveys typically target certain groups of people regarding their occupation, gender, education level and age, which means finding a survey to participate in can be problematic. Additionally, most sites offering survey work offer relatively low pay. This can mean that you must complete many surveys to make decent amounts of money.

However, if you are looking for a simple and unskilled way to profit online, filling in surveys for payment is a possibility, with a diverse range of sites offering this option.

3. Monetising a niche blog

Writing a regular blog about something you are an expert on or have knowledge on can be rewarding. You can engage with a wide range of people who share your passion while exploring a topic that fires your interest. However, it can also be an excellent way to make a passive income.
When you write a blog regularly you can become an important online resource for others interested in your subject. You might review products related to your speciality, discuss important issues that impact it or provide an informative perspective on it attracting many to read, comment and recommend your blog. When the traffic to your reaches a certain level, you can start to monetise it.

The most common way to do this is to sell the advertising space that surrounds your blog to companies who sell products and service related to you specialist subject. This might take the form of eye-catching banners above, videos that automatically play along the side, or still image adverts that break-up the content of your blog so readers will see them clearly as they peruse your content. You can also connect with affiliate companies and include links to their products and websites within your blog by writing advertorial and promotional content.

Companies may pay to rent your advertising space or to include a link to their site or product. If a customer arrives at their website via a link on your blog and makes a purchase, you will receive a payment via a percentage. You can also make money by charging businesses to write a guest blog for your site, you won’t even have to create the content but simply collect your fee for letting them interact with the audience you have built. Once you have established yourself as an authority on a niche subject and have built a substantial following, you can also get paid to guest blog yourself on other company’s sites.

4. Running an ecommerce business

Online selling can be a useful way to make money for many and there are a wide range of ways to get started that don’t cost a fortune. Second-hand selling involves buying products from others online and selling them on at a profit. There are plenty of well-established online marketplaces where you can set up an account and sell second-hand goods online with built-in payment systems that ensure you get paid promptly.

Another option is to monetise designs and art. Providing they are entirely original, and do not infringe another artist’s copyright, digital designs can be sold as art or added to a range of items, such as household crockery like mugs and plates. There are many established sites for trading that allow you to set up a shop, or you can select to go it alone and have your own branded website.

Alternatively, you can use drop shipping. This is an order fulfilment method where a firm doesn’t keep the items it sells in stock. As the seller, you purchase inventory as required from a third party to fulfil orders. In effect, you act as a middleman between a manufacturer or wholesaler and the customer.

5. Writing from home

Finally, taking on writing jobs from home is one of the most lucrative ways to access a steady revenue stream online while carving a new career for yourself. You might not have a degree in English language or have a string of professional writing posts listed on your CV, but if you have the right set of skills, personal attributes and technical equipment, you can make money as an online content writer.

The move towards digital transformation by many companies has led to an incredible demand for online content. To keep competitive and attract traffic, a website must be constantly updated with fresh material from new site copy to informative and interesting blog articles. As such, a wide range of work if offered to those with an ability to write.

While online writers don’t need to have a recognised qualification or references from employers to get started, they will need to have solid English skills. Excellent punctuation, grammar and spelling are vital, as is the ability to comprehend a brief and structure an article accordingly.

Writers must be able to create completely original copy, which requires research when they are unfamiliar with a given topic. So, this means they must be able to digest information and form it into unique sentences of their own.

Along with these specific skills, online writers also need certain personal characteristics to succeed. They must be able to manage their own time and workload and deliver work on time to meet deadlines. They must also be prepared to take on feedback from editors and keep improving the quality of their work.

Technical equipment is also essential to write online. At a bare minimum, writers will need a dependable internet connection, a device for writing on and some writing software. Writers are paid for each word they pen, which over a month, can add up to a generous income, making content writing an option well worth considering for those seeking to earn money from home.

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