Three ways to make money as an author aside from writing books

From fictional novels to technical publications on specialist subjects, authors across Australia are respected and generate income for the books they produce.

However, writing and publishing such texts can be a lengthy process. Years of research may be required before writing even begins and several drafts necessary before a book is ready to be presented to editors. Rounds of revisions follow and then agents must solicit interests from publishers. Even if a publisher accepts a title, they may still require further amendments before it ever reaches release or they are willing to issue an advance.

To this end, it is understandable that most authors are keen to generate an income during this undertaking. Fortunately for writers here in Australia, there are many ways to earn money from home while waiting for the royalties to start rolling in.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the options beyond writing books that are well worth considering for authors.

1. Niche writing

If you have spent years researching subject matter for a fiction or non-fiction book, you’ll also have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of one or multiple subjects. As such, there is a good chance that you can speak with authority on these topics. Often referred to as niche writing, penning content on a specific subject can be lucrative.

Many writers with a specialist area of interest create niche blogs and post daily, weekly, or monthly articles on their subject. As long as they are accurate, informative and engaging, these blogs can attract regular traffic over time and become attractive to enterprises associated with the field of interest they focus on.

Competitive companies are constantly looking to access potential customers and connect with niche bloggers to help promote or sell their products and services. Authors writing a niche blog can sell the advertising space around their articles or add links to company websites and products. If consumers purchase via these ads or links, the author is paid by the business generating an income.

2. Sweating the asset

Making the most of your work is another popular tactic of authors earning from more than just their finished manuscripts. While writing a fictional book, a great deal of work is involved, but much of it never ends up in print. Authors can monetise this excess material, making it accessible at lower price points. Short novellas, teasers, deleted scenes, or prequels can all be penned from these resources and sold online via a personal website or established marketplace.

Authors of non-fiction texts like comprehensive reference books can convert their work into smaller mini-guides and sell them to those seeking information on a specific topic. These short texts can also work as advertisements for the completed book, helping to encourage sales.

The experience of writing can also be monetised. Many writing blogs will pay authors to guest blog on their sites and share their insights of the industry, as well as their chosen subject matter.

3. Content writing

Perhaps one of the simplest, yet most effective ways for authors to earn is to take on writing jobs. Online content writing opportunities are plentiful, but to be successful, candidates must have good English language skills, the ability to research a diverse range of topics, meet deadlines, and have the technical equipment to write from home and connect to the internet to upload work. Fortunately, authors in Australia are typically able to tick each of these boxes.

Content writing can be ideal for authors as they can work to their own schedule and take on as much or as little work as they wish. As a result, if they suddenly receive an urgent request for revisions from their editor or publisher, they can access the time they need to make their amends.

The subject matter involved in online writing is exceptionally varied. As a result, writers are exposed to an extensive range of new information on topics they might not ordinarily encounter. This can be an excellent resource for writers, inspiring new ideas for further books.

Content writing can be challenging and help authors keep their skills on point. Structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling are all vital to penning blogs, web copy and product descriptions – just as they are when drafting a creative or technical text.

Are you an Australian author seeking writing jobs?

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