AI writers no substitute for humans, says Google

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From factory lines to cashiers in your local shops, it’s not uncommon to see jobs that used to be given to people being performed by machines.

For writers, the good news is that a major Google authority has recently given several indications that he simply doesn’t rate machine-generated content, and that high-quality writing is better left to humans.

Google Search Advocate John Mueller commented on Twitter and Reddit last month that although AI-generated content may be getting better, he feels it still can only produce poor-quality material.

Since then, he has gone a step further and implied that generating written content via machines is actually “spam” and goes against the search engine giant’s Webmaster Guidelines.

It’s reassuring news if you hope to earn money from home as a writer, and it validates our opinion that quality online writing should be done by people, not machines. If you’re based in the U.S. and would like to write for Words of Worth and make money, why not apply today?