This depends on several factors – how much work are current writers are taking, how much work we have to give out and the time of year all affect the waiting time. In some cases, you could be writing for us within the same month as your application

Although you can write from home at a time to suit you, you still need to treat this like a conventional job, as we need a minimum notice period of 30 days if you decide to leave. If you discover that you are unable to complete all of your articles in your first month, you should tell us straight away.

We recommend to all of our writers that they get at least three days ahead of their schedule to make sure they’re covered should something untoward happen. In fact, it’s in our terms and conditions, as is the requirement to tell us straight away if you are unable to complete your assignment.

If you wish to stop writing, we will need time to find another writer to take on your assignment. As this takes time, we require a minimum of 30 days’ notice. When deciding to resign, it’s worth bearing in mind that we do not pay for an assignment that is only partly completed.

The number of articles you will be assigned is usually between 10 and 80, and the topics will vary. Of course, your contract depends on the requirements of our clients.

This will vary according to the length of the piece and any other special requirements. We always make sure to tell you what the payment is for every assignment before you decide to accept it.

We prefer to pay our writers straight into their bank account wherever possible. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details

You will usually receive your payment on the 30th of each month, and is paid one month in arrears. For example, payment for any work completed in August will be made on 30th September.

When writing for Words of Worth, you are classified as ‘self-employed’. As such, you are wholly responsible for including your earnings on your tax return, and paying tax on them to the Internal Revenue Service.

We have our very own article submission system. When you join Words of Worth, you will be given a username and password for it. It’s really easy to use, and you submit all of your articles through it.

We will give you a thoroughly detailed assignment, which will make things clear to you. We will also provide you with links to resources on the internet and, on occasion, give you possible subject matter suggestions. Don’t worry if you get stuck or run short of inspiration – we’re always on hand to help you or answer your queries through our messaging system.

If you’re on our waiting list of writers, we can usually give you a reply within seven days. Once you are writing for us, we reply sometimes within minutes, usually within a few working hours, but at the very most one business day.

For your initial assignments, we will do our absolute best to give you an assignment that matches your profile. However, with every contract we offer you, we will give you some ideas and links to the client’s website and other resources to get you going. This will give you a great start, but if you have a real problem with the assignment, you have the right to refuse it.

At first, we’ll start you on just one contract, with a minimum of 10 articles, to help you settle in. The contracts we receive usually run regularly from month to month, and we will try our best to keep you on the same one. This means that you become more familiar with the subject matter and write faster, and we know that the client is happy with your work. If we’re happy with the quality of your work, we can look at offering you extra contracts should you want them.

We confirm the duration of a contract whenever we offer one to you, but they are usually ongoing until notice is served. A contract will be yours for as long as we are happy with your work, and as long as you’re happy to continue writing for it.

If our client decides not to renew a contract, it may be for a variety of reasons and not be a reflection on your work. If we’re happy with your standard of work, we will offer you a new contract immediately. If we’re unable to do so, we will place you right back at the top of our waiting list.

You can work whenever it suits you. The only thing we as you is to stay on track, and preferably ahead, of your schedule. For example, if you are contracted to complete 80 articles, we would expect you to have submitted 40 by midway through the month.
As per our terms and conditions, the scheduling of your articles is spread equally across the month which is why we cannot allow you to fall behind. However, they can be scheduled days or weeks in advance, which is why we encourage you to stay ahead of the curve.

This depends on the client’s requirements, but they will usually be 250 or 300 words. However, some contracts can be between 500 and 700 words long.

If you’re taking a vacation, we ask that you complete your contract in advance. If you’re unable to do this, let us know as far ahead as you can so we can arrange for another writer to fill in for you. Any cover arranged is usually for a calendar month.

When Words of Worth was launched, it included a telephone number and address on its website. However, we soon found ourselves under a deluge of telephone calls which impacted on our business. We took the step of contacting our writers by email only, which has worked out great for both parties. We will usually only contact you by telephone in the most urgent of circumstances.

We receive many applications each week. Each one takes some time to deal with, which means that we can only send a standard message rather than give individual feedback to each writer. When an aspiring writer applies to work for us, we can only make a decision to accept or reject them based on the sample of the work that they provide. We know only too well that writing is a very personal thing, and some that are new to it may not take rejection well on a personal level. This is another reason why we do not include a contact number or address on our website.

Our regular writers know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. However, it’s a big, bad world out there, and there are many people who want something for nothing. We understand that you would ask us this question, but the simple answer is that there are much easier ways to obtain free content if that was what we were after. In fact, a lot of applications we receive don’t meet our high standards, so it would be faster for us to write it ourselves.