Facebook Bulletin – a new moneymaking tool for writers?

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What do you love and hate most about writing online?

We’ll have a guess – we suspect what you love is the huge number of places it’s possible to get published, the pool of resources at your fingertips and the freedom to write from anywhere with an internet connection.

And the downside? Well, because the internet is so vast, we’ve all become used to not paying for content, haven’t we? You don’t need us to tell you about the challenges that leads to when it comes to making money writing on the web.

Facebook hasn’t always been popular with content creators, but it has just done something to address this. At the end of June, it launched Bulletin, an interesting-looking way to support independent writers and other creators. The platform allows you to subscribe to creators’ publications, including exclusive content if you go for the premium model.

But sadly, in typical Facebook fashion, it did all this with no prior announcement, seemingly headhunted the content creators itself and now says it’s currently not accepting any new ones. Great, thanks Facebook!

Never mind – if you or anyone you know are looking earn money from home as a writer, you can always apply with us.