Making Money from Writing

Prep yourself for making money from your writing

Even if you are a writer with a lot of experience in the United States, you only have a vague idea of how to get ahead of the game when it comes to writing for the web. Although there is a lot of crossover, there are a few vital elements that sets writing for the internet apart, and you should know about them if you want to be making money from writing in the US.

For a start, broadly speaking the three basic styles are articles, news and copy. Articles are usually informative and relaxed, and may even have an element of humour. Copy exists to promote the services of a site, and may even include sales elements such as a call to action. News is slightly different – as any decent journalist in America would tell you, it has to be accurate, free of any of the writer’s opinions, and careful not to sail into any litigious waters.

An important attribute to have when writing for the web is a thick skin. Even veteran writers may not take kindly to criticism, no matter how constructive it may be, but so long as you can take it onboard and turn it into something positive and productive, it makes making money from writing that much easier. Many bridges have been burned by a petulant writer, and more often than not, editors only seek to help writers with any critical feedback.

It’s also vital to know what your work is worth. There are a lot of freelance writers in the USA, so there is a lot of competition. By pitching yourself too cheaply, you devalue yourself and also make it difficult to negotiate a higher rates with regular clients.

At Words of Worth, we take the negotiation our of it. We pay a set rate for each article. What’s more, our editors are on hand to coach you where you feel you need it and offer ideas. All we ask is that you have English as your first language, and have a few hours a week to devote to your work as well as being a great writer. You could soon be landing contracts of 80 pieces per month – head over to our FAQ for more details on how to apply and make money from your writing.