Which internet browser do you prefer?

As a writer, you’d be stuck without the web, but how do you get onto it? What’s your go-to browser?

A lot of people habitually used Microsoft Internet Explorer and have gravitated to its new incarnation, Edge. It’s an improvement, but we still don’t like it much. One particularly annoying feature is that if you copy and paste a URL from Edge into Word, it mystifyingly thinks it would be helpful to convert the URL into a title tag. In reality, if you’re compiling URLs to be submitted as a list of resources or a bibliography, it’s not helpful at all. gives Mozilla Firefox the crown of 2021’s best browser, and we wouldn’t disagree with that. For a start, it’s really easy to navigate and customise your bookmarks and search history – a valuable feature for research. You can’t go far wrong with Google Chrome either, although it can fall short on performance on older computers and isn’t as privacy-focused as Firefox.

Mac users might turn to Safari by default to have a browser than matches their operating system, while some swear by Opera, although these tend to be gamers, rather than writers.

You will have a browser you feel comfortable using, so the key is the make yourself as much at home on it as possible. Take the time to search for a user guide to it online to pick up some nifty tricks to boost your performance.

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