Four of the best ways to make money online in 2023

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Is it possible to make money online?

The short answer is yes. Sometimes people make substantial income from online ventures, while others earn a few extra dollars of spending money. The trick for anyone considering working online is to decide their end goal for undertaking the venture.

Although there are plenty of legitimate ways to make money online, there are also a lot of scams promising that doing such work is a sure way to make a fortune immediately. In order to avoid the pitfalls of this enterprise, potential online workers need to be able to recognize these tricks. They should also take the time to research any potential project to make sure they will enjoy putting in the time needed to make it pay off.

Potential money-maker No. 1: Online surveys

Completing online surveys is probably the simplest way to make money over the internet. The person who chooses this method does not need anything other than a working internet connection, either on a computer or phone.

To become involved in this, all you need to do is go to the survey company’s website and sign up. It is necessary to provide detailed personal information so the company can send surveys that match your interests. This will enable you to respond based on your knowledge and experience with the subject of the survey. Once the person is registered at a site, surveys will be emailed to them from time to time.

Reputable websites that provide online surveys include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and QuickRewards. Companies use surveys to determine what products and services interest potential consumers, so they can refine their products, or determine the best way to introduce new services. Data collected this way is highly valuable to the company that asked for the study, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world may be filling out the same survey. Responses are collated to form an overall picture of the subject and an individual’s personal information is kept confidential.

In addition, anyone who signs up with a survey company may find the organization offers additional options, such as watching videos, playing games, shopping online, or completing offers. This gives the person who wants to fill out surveys some other activities they might enjoy.

The drawbacks to taking online surveys are that the pay is generally low, and is usually made in the form of “points,” which are then redeemed for either cash or gift cards. It may take a substantial amount of time for you to accumulate enough points to redeem them.

Earning power is also dictated by how may surveys the individual completes, and the number of surveys sent is up to the survey company. Anyone who is thinking of using this method should take the time to explore various websites to see what they offer beyond taking surveys, as some people might find surveys mundane but really enjoy watching and rating videos.

However, no matter what the survey company offers, the pay will generally be very low, perhaps as little as $20 a month, so taking online surveys should be considered a simple way to earn some extra income. It is a small side hustle, certainly not to be considered a full-time job.

Potential money-maker No. 2: Writing a niche blog

Starting and developing a blog can be a most enjoyable activity for anyone who likes writing. People who have found an activity that excites them will want to share it with others, making blogging a worthwhile activity for the writer.

A blogger can share anything – travel tips, fashion trends, how to operate a steam locomotive, “Why the Cat Does That,” and so on. People who are passionate about a subject are great at sharing their love and experiences. Also, blogging is mostly a solitary activity, making it an ideal project for writers, many of whom prefer working alone.

There are many benefits to writing a blog, including a low start-up cost, a flexible work schedule, and complete control over content. Expenses to starting a blog include finding a platform to host the effort, obtaining a domain name, and creating a theme. Blogging tools such as an email service, artificial intelligence (AI) writing software, and software that searches for keywords are available, but are not necessary – especially for bloggers who are just beginning and are operating on a small budget. Once the basic parameters are in place, you can go ahead and start the blog.

While there are many benefits to writing a blog, there are drawbacks as well. Possibly the largest obstacle of all is that creating a blog is not a way to make money quickly, and people looking for a quick payday will be unhappy with this option. Any blogger looking to succeed, unless they are writing for friends and family only in an anecdotal style, must recognize they will need to do research, even if they are familiar with the subject, to present the latest information.

They will then have to write the first draft, edit it, and edit it a second time before publishing it. Depending on their chosen subject, this could take weeks.

Once a blogger has written a piece, they face the much more difficult task of bringing in readers, which is vital if they are trying to monetize their efforts. They can start by sending emails to their list, including a link to the blog and asking for feedback. They should also include an “opt-in” selection so that readers sign up for the blog. They should also promote their blog on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and contribute to other bloggers, who will often reciprocate by mentioning the hopeful author’s blog in return.

A blogger has to create a schedule and stick to it, because readers will expect regular updates. Finally, in order to monetize a blog, the writer must have a sizeable readership, which, again, means they will have to spend the time necessary to build a following. However, if a writer is willing to spend the time and effort building their audience, blogging can bring in decent money.

Potential money-maker No. 3: Selling used items online

There is a huge market for gently used items, as proved by the success of sites like eBay, where individuals can list personal goods and sell them. This is an easy-to-understand concept that can bring in decent returns, but it will take some work to get started.

If you are reselling personal items, you’ll need to make sure they are in good condition, clean, and truly reusable. You will then have to set up an account, write descriptions of the products, take clear photos of them, and set prices that are fair to the consumer but still allow the seller to make a profit.

Finally, the seller needs to have the supplies on hand to pack and ship the items in a timely manner. Like blogging, reselling takes time to do properly, but can repay the initial investment several times over, particularly if the seller builds a reputation as a fair and honest dealer who delivers the products promptly. This is not a good fit for someone who wants an immediate return on their investment, as it’s a marketing model that requires consistent effort.

Potential money-maker No. 4: Creating content/freelancing

Finally, writing content is a reliable way to make money working from home. Writers in this field finish assignments to create content for a company like ourselves at Words of Worth, who then supply the pieces to a third party.

Anyone interested in writing content should be aware that the price per piece may be relatively low, but once the writer is established with an organization, they will be given assignments regularly, and can bring in several hundred dollars monthly.

Writing content demands that the individual has good skills in researching, as pieces may require the author to explore local issues. These pieces are usually written to a strict schedule, so writers need to be self-starters who are able to meet continuous deadlines.

There are several benefits to writing content. First, there is no need for a content creator to build a following to start receiving payment, they will receive pay almost as soon as they agree to the position. They can also concentrate strictly on writing, not maintaining an inventory, or reselling items after making sure of their condition.

Finally, there is no initial outlay for someone who wants to write content. All they need do is apply to one of the many companies that provide this service. As always, the individual interested in exploring this option should do their research to see how they can qualify to be hired, and what sort of project will be offered to them. Online content creators include WordApp, UpWork, and Freelance Writing Jobs.

Here at Words of Worth, our editors provide feedback and encouragement our writers need to thrive. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of making money online by writing, we invite you to apply today.