Freelance writing – a great way to earn money online

With today’s cost of living, any opportunity to earn a little extra money is always welcome. Even if you have a full-time job, you might well find yourself with nothing left over at the end of the month. Imagine what difference a little extra in your bank balance could make, whether it’s keeping on top of the odd pesky credit card bill, or helping you save up for a new car, or a well-deserved vacation.

Luckily, the birth and rapid growth of the internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for people to earn an extra income in their spare time online. The real beauty of earning money this way is that as long as you can get on the web, you can work whenever and wherever you like.

Of course, any good website needs high-quality written content, and that’s why there’s money to be made through freelance writing. Indeed, one of the most satisfying and reliable ways to earn money online is to be a content writer, taking something many of us do as a hobby anyway and converting it into supplementary income.

Earn money online with confidence

Understandably, some people are not so trusting of opportunities to earn money online, conscious of some of the scams that are out there. With Words of Worth, you can be confident that you’re writing for a company that always pays on time. Our testimonials show that our writers love working with us, and many of them have done so for years.

Making money from writing can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. Most of us like to consider ourselves creative people and would love to be able to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing our written work appear on websites, and be paid for it too! At the same time, perhaps you have flashbacks of that strict grammarian teacher who would scrawl all over your work in red ink, putting you off the idea of selling yourself as a writer.

Learn as you earn

At Words of Worth, we don’t expect you to be an expert the minute you start. We’re just looking for people who show potential, can work to a given brief and are able to stay on track with their work.

A big factor for many of our writers is that they have been able to blossom and improve their written communication, helping them perform better in their full-time job and in social situations. This is thanks to our team of editors, who provide friendly and helpful coaching at every stage, whether you’re a new starter or have been writing for us for years.

We pay you at the same time every month, in US dollars, so it’s a wonderful way to make your bank balance a little healthier, while at the same time developing a crucial life skill that will serve you well both inside and outside of work.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to earn money online, apply with us today. We’ll let you know whether you’ve been successful within 28 days.

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