Have you spotted the WordPress 6.0 update?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whether you’re currently making money from writing or not, running a blog is a great way to keep your writing brain in shape.

One of the easiest ways to do it is to set up a WordPress site. It’s by far the most popular content management system (CMS), with 62% of CMS-built websites using it.

On May 24th, WordPress introduced version 6.0. Bloggers using the platform are unlikely to find the update quite as earthshattering as the introduction of 5.0 was in late 2018, when the new Gutenberg editor changed the way their writing was displayed in the admin area of their site.

Three and a half years on, writers and editors still appear to be somewhat divided on Gutenberg, and in particular its block-based editing interface. Those who usually type directly into WordPress might find it useful as it separates each paragraph into a neat block of its own. If you prefer to write in Word and then paste your writing onto your blog, however, you’ve probably found it a bit more clunky and cumbersome, and it might not surprise you that WordPress’s ‘Classic Editor’ plugin (i.e. one that gets rid of Gutenberg) is actively installed on over five million WordPress sites.

Thankfully, the 6.0 update does address some of the main complaints about the Gutenberg editor. For a start, it allows you to select text across multiple blocks – a minor change but a real timesaver that means you no longer have to select each block individually if you want to delete or reformat them. It’s also now easier to preview block styles in the sidebar.

These small tweaks are a step in the right direction, and while we may not love everything WordPress does, its ease of use and scope for creativity makes it no surprise to us that it’s the leading CMS.

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